Converting a PDF file into a flipbook

Easily create a flipbook starting from a simple PDF upload.

Flipsnack has one of the fastest PDF to flipbook conversion tools on the market. You can test it out and see for yourself.

Here’s how easy it is to convert a PDF into a professional flipbook in under 2 minutes. Simply follow the steps below:

  1. You will have to create an account or log in. After that, go to My flipbooks and click on Upload PDF.

    upload pdf button in design studio
  2. Select one or multiple PDF files from your computer or your Google Drive. You can also upload JPG files. If you select multiple files, learn that they will be merged together. In case you want to upload multiple files at the same time and not merge them, just click on Keep files separately. Then you’ll have individual flipbooks for your uploaded PDFs.

    Remember that you can Publish your flipbooks without going through the design process anymore. This is really useful if you already have some presets in Customize.

    upload files in flipsnack
  3. If you wish to add interactive elements, such as links, videos, and more, then you should click on the Editor button.

    edit pdf upload in design studio
  4. If not, you have all these customization options (Appearance and Branding, Controls, Lead form, Sell publication, Accessibility, Google Analytics and Others) available here, so make sure to check them out.

    share now button in flipsnack
  5. All done? Click on Save and Share.

  6. Now’s the time to add a Title and a Description. If you’re interested in ranking organically, make the flipbook public. You also might be interested in SEO optimizing your flipbooks.

    You can choose to publish your flipbook Public, Unlisted, Password Locked, and Private. Read more about visibility options.

    green publish button in flipsnack
  7. Before clicking that Publish button, you should know that by selecting the arrow next to it, you will have the option to Save as draft or Schedule publication.

    publishing options in flipsnack
  8. Published your flipbook? Now, here’s the Details page of your flipbook. This page is where you’ll have the status of the flipbook, the Download and Sharing options, and the Preview, to see how it looks when shared or embedded.

That is all! You can convert PDFs into stunning flipbooks in no time with Flipsnack.

There's also a cool video that will explain all of this in an easy-to-follow way. You may want to check it out.