There are different ways to add hyperlinks in Flipsnack:

1. Draw link

The easiest and fastest way to add links to your magazine or catalog is by clicking on the Draw link hotspot sticky icon on the top left corner (or L on the keyboard). All you have to do is to draw the area where you want to add the link, then set your URL and click Save. You can use the draw link tool for internal links and download PDF actions as well.

2. Link -> Hyperlink

You can go to Link and then Hyperlink to place the hyperlink area over the desired area.

Once you have placed the hyperlink element, click on it to edit the Action, URL, and Target.

There are different actions to choose from:

  • Send email (your readers will be able to send you an email by clicking on the hyperlinked element);

  • Go to the previous page;

  • Go to the next page;

  • Go to the first page;

  • Go to the last page;

  • Go to page (you can select a page the readers will be sent to when they click on the hyperlinked element);

  • Download PDF (your readers will be able to download your catalog in PDF format by just clicking on the hyperlinked element);

  • Go to your Flipsnack profile (your readers will be sent to your Flipsnack profile page when clicking on the hyperlinked element).

  • Spotlight (opens an image as a popup);

  • Popup frame (opens a popup window, and it can be used for different elements: videos, maps, interactive tours, and so on);

    3. The Action button

    You can place different elements on the page (image, shape, icon, GIF, text), and once the element is selected click on the Action button. From there, you can choose from various options, such as Open a link, Go to a page, Open a popin, each with its settings.

I hope this article was useful. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us via live chat.

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