Actions in Design Studio

The images, text and shapes in our Design Studio have become more interactive.

This article is particularly useful for those of you who use our Design Studio to create publications and want to make some elements of your design more interactive.

Before getting to the interactivity part, there's a cool feature you can use when creating your flipbooks.

Search in pages in Design Studio

Do you usually have a lot of pages in your flipbooks? Find words easily with the “search in pages” feature, available for all the plans. In the Design Studio, with a simple Command+F or CTRL+F, you can search for any text within your publication and make the necessary changes. This feature also makes it so much faster to edit information within a branded template of yours.

It’s noteworthy that this search-in-pages feature only highlights the first mention on a page. So, for example, if a word appears multiple times on a page, you’ll only see the highlighted version of the first mention.

Important: This feature only works for created from scratch flipbooks, and not the PDFs you upload in Flipsnack.

There are a lot of ways to add interactivity in your catalogs - you can add links, videos, captions, tags, product tags, iframe embeds, social media buttons, shopping buttons. However, if you only want to make a particular design element clickable, there's an even simpler way.

Introducing Actions

Now, you can make any element more interactive: text, shapes, and even images. In order to add an action to an element, you should simply click on it in order to reveal the action button.

The action options in Design Studio

With the Action option,  you can add the following functionalities:

  • Open a link 

  • Go to a page 

  • Open a popin 

Now let's talk about each one of these actions.

Open a link action

This option allows you to add an external link to any design element, so it would make the text, image or shape clickable. When readers click on that particular item, the link that you have entered will open in a new tab.

For each Open a link action, you should enter a valid URL, and a URL title (tooltip).

Don't worry, you can still add hyperlinks as individual layers, if you want to. However, with this new feature, there's no longer a need to add an extra shape or layer on top of images, texts or shapes, in order to set a hyperlink.

Open a link option in Design Studio

Go to a page

Sometimes you don't want to link to external sites or blog, but you want an internal link. Whenever you want people to see a specific page of your flipbook when they click on a specific design item, you should use the Go to a page action.

Specify what page you want the reader to view as the result of a click action. It's super easy!  

This is a really easy way to guide readers through your flipbook.

Go to a page in Design Studio

Open a popin

This is the latest Actions addition, and here's what it does:

When the reader drags their mouse over / clicks on the interactive element, a popin with additional information will automatically show up.

Don't forget to enter the popin text (headline and paragraph).

You can decide the position of the popup from a list of predefined options, and you can also decide whether you want the popin to show up as the result of a click or on mouse rollover.  

Open a popin in Design Studio

For more interactions, it’s worth taking a look at our new features - spotlight and popup frame.

Questions? Comments? Let us know! We're always happy to hear your feedback. Let one of our live chat representatives know what you think.