How to add a product tag

Promote your products in a better way

Product tags help you provide more information or promo content about your products and a quick way for customers to shop products directly from your catalog.

Preview of how product tags work and look like in a flipbook

How to add a product tag

First, you need to head over to the Interactions tab that can be found on the left side of the Design Studio. 

You will then be able to see the Product tag element and add it to your page. 

Adding the product tag button in the left sidebar in Design Studio

Once the Product tag is placed on the page, simply click on it, and you will have a new option called Edit in the upper left section of the Design Studio.

Upon clicking the Edit button, you will have the option to enter a product title, a product description, your URL page for your product, the price, and last but not least, images of your product. 

Editing the product details such as title, description in Design Studio

The price fields allow you to enter the original price as well as the discounted price, displaying the old price and the new one.

In order to make the tag blend in with the theme of your catalog, you can even change the color next to the Edit button.


To add images of your product, simply click on the Upload product images button and upload up to 3 images.

Adding more product images in Design Studio

You can upload the images in any order and reorder them later in the Design Studio by clicking and dragging the images by the = icon on the left of the image.

Reordering the product images in Design Studio

If you wish to remove one of the images, simply hover your mouse over the image in the Design Studio and click on the X that appears on the right. 

When a reader clicks on a Product Tag, a small overlay will open that provides them with details about your product: title, description, old/new price, and a "Shop this Item" button that will lead to the URL where you sell your product.

If you added an image, when you click on the product tag, the image will appear on the left side of the overlay.

Example of a product tag with image and description added in a flipbookWhen you upload more than one image, they will all appear at the bottom of the left half of the overlay, and you can click on each one to preview it.
Example of a product tag with more image and description added in a flipbook

If you have any questions about this new feature, please contact us via live chat.