Working with a team in Flipsnack is great, but it can also be challenging sometimes. You may have some guidelines on how your team should be using Flipsnack, but it's hard to enforce them without the right tools. The bigger the team, the bigger the challenge.

That's exactly why the Feature management is now available for Enterprise and Organization users. It can help you get more control over your brand and over how your team will use Flipsnack.

More specifically, feature management is a set of options that allow you to restrict your team's access to certain features and functionalities.

Here is a video explaining feature management in detail:

How does it work?

While on your dashboard page, click on Settings, then on Feature management.

If you are an Enterprise / Organization user, and you don't see this option on the left hand side, you might have to sign out and sign back in. (You also need to be the owner or an admin to access the Feature management and to have an active Enterprise or Organization subscription.)

Restrictions can be easily turned on and off, with a simple click. The features are pretty clear, if you're familiar with our platform, but if you need more info, keep on reading. We'll go over each option in more detail in this article.

Make sure you click on Save changes after you turn on or off some of these restrictions. Otherwise, your new settings will not be saved.

Any options that you disable will be applied to the entire workspace, so the changes will be applied to your account as well. However, as the admin, you can enable them again whenever you wish, either temporarily or permanently.

Now that we have the basics covered, let's talk about what each option means.


  • Disable Create from scratch - This will hide the Create from scratch button from the main dashboard. It will block your teammates from entering the Design Studio to create a design or to customize a template. It's recommended if you want your team to only use the upload PDF functionality. The Design Studio will still be accessible after the PDF upload, so that your team can use it to add interactive elements in the flipbook.

  • Disable My templates - This hides all the functionalities regarding custom templates. No one in the workspace will be able to access any custom templates that have been previously created. They will also not be able to create and save any new custom templates.

  • Disable PDF uploads - You want your team to only use Flipsnack for the design part? Use this option! The Upload PDF button will be removed from the main dashboard that users see after login. Furthermore, the upload PDF page will redirect the teammates to the dashboard, in case they attempt an upload from one of the Flipsnack public pages.

  • Disable Send emails - If you want to make sure that no one in your workspace sends emails directly through Flipsnack, go for this option! The entire Email section will be hidden. So, no email customization options, and no email code available either.
    You might want this if you have very specific brand rules regarding email sending.

  • Disable top folders view - By disabling the folders listing that appears at the top of the workspace you will save more space and have a clean dashboard. Teammates still have access to folders from the left sidebar, under My flipbooks.

  • Disable Save default settings for emails - This one is recommended for teams that are actually using Flipsnack for email sending. As an admin, you may want to make sure that the default settings will not be altered by a teammate who might use a non-brand color or a different logo.

    In this case, make sure you first personalize these options as you wish, and click Save these settings as default. (you should also send 1 email in order for these settings to be applied). From that point on, all your emails will have your on-brand look.

  • Disable publication Stats page - By disabling the publication stats page, no one from your workspace will be able to access the Statistics page. This option applies to both Workspace statistics and individual flipbook statistics.

  • Disable show publication on public profile - When sharing a publication from My flipbooks, you have the possibility of checking or unchecking the Show publication on my profile checkbox. If checked, the publication will be displayed on your Flipsnack profile page.

    When this option is enabled, the checkbox will be removed, preventing anyone from your workspace from accidentally including the shared publication on the public profile page of your workspace.

Design Studio

  • Disable Flipsnack templates - Another great way to protect your brand and to make sure that no teammate is using our ready-made designs instead of your custom templates. Just hide our templates with this option, and the entire section of Flipsnack templates will be removed from the Design Studio.

  • Disable Add pages - This is another way to make sure your templates are used exactly as they were designed. Your colleagues (and you) will not be able to add any blank pages in the Design Studio, so they will be strictly limited to using templates. We advise that you temporarily enable the Add pages options whenever you need to create new templates.

  • Disable stock GIFs and stickers - Stock GIFs and stickers are usually not what brands want to use in their publications, so this option may come in handy for most of our Enterprise clients. You and your team will still be able to use custom GIFs if you wish, by uploading them in the uploads section in the Design Studio.

  • Disable stock images and stock videos - Just like GIFs and stickers, stock media is generally avoided by big brands. Hide these options easily, to make sure the team uses only uploaded images and custom videos instead of stock. This option hides the entire Photos tab from the Design Studio.

  • Disable Automation - Data automation is available for our Enterprise clients, but it's not used by everyone. If you don't want it to appear on the dashboard because it's not relevant to you, just go ahead and disable it.

  • Enable enforced lock - Using this option, you are making sure that nobody from your team will unlock your already locked elements. It’s a great way to protect your brand rules.

  • Disable Text - The Text tab will be removed from the Design Studio by enabling this option. This will prevent anyone from your workspace from adding any new text box to a flipbook. However, any text that’s already in a flipbook can be edited, even when this option is enabled.

  • Disable Tables - The Tables tab will be removed from the Design Studio by enabling this option. This will prevent anyone from your workspace from adding tables to any flipbook. However, if the flipbooks already contain any tables, the table values can be edited, even when this option is enabled.

  • Disable Videos - The Video tab will be removed from the Design Studio by enabling this option. This will prevent anyone from your workspace from adding an audio button, a video button, or a video widget to any flipbook. Even if someone from the workspace would upload a video in the Upload tab, they would not be able to insert it into the flipbook.


  • Disable non-brand colors - By default, everyone can use any color they wish in their designs, in their emails, and background color in the flipbook player. If you want to limit colors to a few custom options, set your brand colors in Branding, then use this option.

  • Disable non-brand fonts - By default, your teammates will have access to the entire fonts gallery on Flipsnack. If you don't like that, you can disable non-brand fonts here in Feature management, but make sure you upload your custom brand fonts in your workspace so that your team can use your fonts in your workspace.


  • Disable embed page - If you don't want anyone from the workspace to embed flipbooks, this option is for you. It will hide all embed options for all flipbooks. Any flipbooks that you (or the team) have previously embedded will not be affected. For restricting the embeds to a certain domain, we would recommend the use of the domain restriction.

  • Disable the download options - Hide all the download options from all flipbooks published within your workspace. It's a great way to make sure that all brand content stays in the cloud, and that private content doesn't get re-distributed by teammates in the form of PDFs, JPGs, or other formats.

  • Disable the option to change the default customization settings - As an admin, you may want to make sure that the customization settings you set as default will not be altered by a teammate who will change them (either intentionally or by mistake).

    We recommend that before you disable this option, make sure you first set the default customization options as you wish, and click Save these settings as default.

  • Disable player customization - Enabling this option will restrict anyone from your workspace from accessing and editing the Customize page. Unlike the previous option, this will completely remove the Customize button from the Design Studio and from the My flipbooks page.

In case you have any questions regarding this feature, or if you need any help with setting your workspace feature management option, please contact our support team via the live chat below, or contact your designated account manager right away.

We look forward to getting your feedback, so be sure to let us know what you think about feature management and what you'd like to see next!

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