Domain restriction

Whitelist specific domains you wish to approve, and block embedding on any other website.

By default, you can add catalogs to any website and blog by embedding them. This is perfect for promo content that you want to be easily shared and integrated with sites.

However, in certain situations, you may want to make sure that your catalogs don’t end up being featured on any other websites, other than yours or some sites that have your approval. The default setting is that the embed isn’t tied to a specific domain, so even though the embed code is not directly visible to your audience, it can be accessed and copied from the page source by a tech-savvy person.

The domain restriction functionality will help you block all websites from featuring your embed, other than your list of pre-approved sites.

How to allow embedding on specific domains only

You can restrict the ability to embed your catalogs into websites quite easily.

Naturally, this restriction can be set on the embed page of any catalog. This allows you to activate the domain restriction individually for only a few catalogs, or for all.

  1. The embed options of a published catalog can be accessed directly from the main dashboard, by clicking on the three vertical dots to the far right of your published flipbook, and then clicking on Embed.

  2. Scroll down to the Domain restriction, and turn the toggle switch on.

  3. Click the Add new link option and enter the first domain where you want your embed to work. Click the checkmark button.

If you want to set up a list of approved websites, you can repeat the last step again for each new link.

domain restriction options on Flispnack

Manage your domain restriction list

New approved domains can be added at any point.

You can also edit a domain name in case you made a mistake, and remove a domain by clicking the trash icon.

Also, if at any point you want to turn off the domain restrictions, you can simply switch the toggle option Off.

Important: It takes around 120 seconds for the settings to be activated. Keep this in mind before you run any quick tests.

The feature is available from our Enterprise membership up. If you have any other questions regarding embeds, let us know!