Troubleshooting guide for Flipsnack Analytics Dashboard

Possible issues with your Analytics dashboard and how to fix them

So you’ve imported (or tried to import) the Flipsnack dashboard in your Google Analytics account, yet it doesn’t seem to work. Or it doesn’t display anything. What could be the issue? 

There are several possible reasons why the import doesn’t work, or why you’re not seeing data in your chart. Let’s discuss them one by one. 

You tried to import the dashboard, yet you don’t see it there

There’s a number of reasons why this might be:

  • You are not looking at the right property and view

If you have chosen to import the dashboard on your Test view, yet you are looking at the Master view, you’re not going to see the dashboard there. So make sure you’re checking the view where you have imported the Flipsnack dashboard.

  •   The browser might not process the request properly

I’ve had this issue happen to me once with Safari (with a different dashboard that I was trying to import). Once I switched to Chrome, it worked like a charm. So if you don’t see the dashboard after you import it, you might want to try again using a different browser.

You’ve imported the dashboard, but it doesn’t show any data

Again, there are a few reasons why you are not seeing any data in your imported Flipsnack Analytics Dashboard:

  • You haven’t added your Property’s tracking ID to your catalogs

Our dashboard will only show data regarding Flipsnack catalogs. If you haven’t connected any catalogs with your Analytics, the dashboard won’t have anything to display, naturally. So start tracking your catalogs with Google Analytics first. 

  • You’ve just added the property tracking ID to your catalogs

You will have to wait for 24h after adding the tracking ID to your Flipsnack catalogs before you see any statistics in Google Analytics. The tracking can’t be applied to previous historical data; it can only track your data moving forward from the moment it is enabled. 

Even after 24h some of your charts will not show much data. For example, to see all the days of the week in the Catalog traffic, by day of the week chart, you will have to wait an entire week. 

  • You’ve selected a time period from before your catalogs were connected to GA

Google Analytics cannot go back in time and track data from before it was connected to your catalogs. So keep that in mind when you want to select a different period in your dashboard.

  • Some filters on your view are blocking tracking

Filters are a wonderful thing, but you need to be aware that they will interfere with your raw data, or even block an entire source of traffic from your view. We recommend adding this dashboard to a view that doesn’t have any filters on it. Or, if it has filters on, make sure you know what each one of them means, and that it doesn’t block our domain from that particular view, or that it doesn’t block an important location from where your catalogs are accessed. 

  • You’re using the white label (hosting your catalogs on a subdomain on your site)

Because your flipbooks are on a subdomain on your site, they are under a different hostname, our filtered dashboard will not show all your data. But don’t be disappointed. This is actually a blessing because it will allow you to make an entire view for the domain where you’re hosting catalogs, thus accessing a lot more reports than those we included in our dashboard.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us via live chat. We are more than happy to help!