Google Analytics integration and tracking

Implement Google Analytics tracking code in Flipsnack for more in-depth statistics.

Table of contents:

GA - Universal Analytics version

Integration with Google Analytics 4

Add tracking ID for flipbooks

Where to find GA results

Track flipbook statistics in GA4

So you like Flipsnack's statistics, but you want more granulated results. No worries, you can add Google Analytics tracking to all your flipbooks to see visitors' data and traffic stats in Google Analytics.
First, you must have a Google Analytics account. Log in to your Analytics account, and go to Admin. Select the account and the property you want to integrate your flipbook with. 

This next section is about the UA tracking ID and the standard Google Analytics. If you use the new Google Analytics 4 tracking, skip to the next section.

Google Analytics - Universal Analytics version

For this integration, you'll need the UA tracking ID. You can easily find it by
going to Admin -> Tracking Info -> Tracking Code

Once you have located your Tracking ID, in Flipsnack, go to My flipbooks, locate the flipbook you want to integrate GA with, click on the three dots and select Analytics.

Important: The Tracking ID must be copied with the UA-parameter included.

Integration with Google Analytics 4

If you're using the GA4, you'll see that it does not provide a UA tracking ID. Instead, you'll work with a measurement ID.

But how do you find it?

1. Just below your GA4 property in the admin side of Analytics, you'll find the Setup assistant option. Click on it.

2. Next, click on the arrow next to Tag installation.

3. Click Add stream and select Web.

4. Now, enter your flipsnack profile URL and a stream name (something like Flipsnack catalogs or Flipbooks would be good because it's specific, and you'll always know what the data stream is by simply reading the name. Click Create Stream.

5. Now you just have to copy the measurement ID. The ID starts with "G-" and a string of letters and numbers follows it. Use this ID for all your flipbooks or your profile.

If you have already set up a measurement ID for your flipbooks, then go to the main admin page, click on Data streams, and then on your Flipbooks/ Flipsnack catalogs data stream. It will automatically take you to the same page described above, and you can copy the measurement ID from there.

How to add the tracking ID for flipbooks

Click on the 3 dots to expand a menu with more options when on the main dashboard. Select Analytics.

This will take you to the flipbook's customize page, and here is where you can enter your Tracking ID / Measurement ID. Once you've pasted the code, click on Save & Share.

That's how easy it is to integrate your Tracking ID / GA4 measurement ID in Flipsnack to track visitor behavior and demographics.

Suppose you're using Universal Analytics and haven't upgraded to the GA4 yet. In that case, you might want to import our Analytics Dashboard to get a pre-configured set of charts and graphs regarding your flipbooks. Or you can set up a separate view in Analytics specifically for flipbooks.

We've just recently made the integration with GA4 possible, so we're still in the process of updating articles and adding more info for those of you who are using GA4.

For example, this next section looks different in GA4, even though it is essentially the same functionality:

Viewing flipbook events in Google Analytics:

Here's where and how you can find GA results:

Open your Google Analytics account and select the property where you track your flipbook;

  • You'll find general information in Behavior -> Site Content -> Landing page;

  • Just enter your flipbook's name (previously, this had to be the hash ID) in the search box and hit enter.

Important: it usually takes about 24 hours from the moment you integrated GA in your flipbook for Google Analytics to display the results.

You can also see flipbook events in Behavior - Events - Top Events.
Again, enter the name of the flipbook in the search box:

  • Click to read - shows how many times readers entered fullscreen;

  • Close - shows how many times readers exited full screen;

  • Next - shows how many times readers clicked next to view pages;

  • Previous - shows how many times readers clicked previous to view pages;

  • Download - shows how many readers clicked the download button;

  • Zoom - shows how many times readers zoomed in and out;

  • Share - shows how many times readers shared your flipbook on social networks.

Important: embedded flipbooks with the same tracking code as their hosting web page will be counted twice (one count for both the flipbook and the website for each visit will appear in your Google Analytics metrics under two different URLs).

How to track flipbook statistics in GA4

The general information related to how your flipbooks perform shows up when you click on Reports, then Engagement, and Pages and screens

Like Universal Analytics, you will have to enter your flipbook’s name in the search box to see specific stats for it. 

If you have just installed GA4 tracking for your flipbooks, it will probably take 24 hours for the data to update. 

 Track flipbook statistics with Google Analytics 4

If you need a more advanced integration, you should read about Google Analytics for profiles.