Google Tag Manager integration in Flipsnack

Learn how to use Google Tag Manager on your profile

Google Tag Manager is a tool that makes it possible for marketers and developers to manage and deploy tags (also called tracking pixels) on websites, without having to modify the code of the page. It’s often used by marketers for tracking pixels, and we’ve had a lot of requests for GTM (Google Tag Manager) integration.  

Now the integration of Google Tag Manager in Flipsnack has become possible. This feature is available with the Enterprise plan and allows the use of Google Tag Manager on Flipsnack profiles. 

In simple words, with Google Tag Manager you would be able to track conversions from flipbooks or other actions independently, all on your own, without having to contact us to add tracking pixels on your behalf. GTM makes it possible for you to expand your knowledge and improve your catalogs marketing strategy on Flipsnack by collecting additional data about visitors and making remarketing possible.  

Anyone can follow the steps below because it's really really easy.

How to set up the GTM integration

  1. First, we recommend adding a new "container" in GTM for Flipsnack tags. It's better to keep tags organized in your GTM account to avoid any future confusion regarding which tags are used on your site and which are used on Flipsnack. Name the new container "Flipsnack". 

  2. Each GTM container has a unique ID. So if you've just created a new container for Flipsnack, you will need its own unique ID.
    You'll recognize it easily because it contains the letters GTM and a string of letters and numbers: GTM-XXXXXXX
    This ID is displayed in your GTM account right next to Workspace Changes and the Preview and Submit buttons, on the top right.
    You will need to copy the entire ID (GTM letters included).

  3. Now, log in to your Flipsnack account. You'll have to navigate to Brand Identity -> Settings -> Google Tag Manager. Paste the GTM ID in the Google Tag Manager field and click Save changes. 

Now that the integration is basically done, you need to decide what tags you want to add to your Flipsnack profile and flipbooks.

Ideas for GTM integration

Here are a few ways you could use Google Tag Manager for your Flipsnack profile:

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