GTM integration in flipbook player

Learn how to install the Google Tag Manager code in the flipbook player.

Integrating Google Tag Manager on your Flipsnack profile means that the code would be applied directly to all flipbooks from your workspace.

However, you can also integrate Google Tag Manager individually for each flipbook if you have an Enterprise plan.

After purchasing this feature from one of our account managers, you’ll be able to add advanced functionalities to your Flipsnack publications (such as Hubspot, Google Ads, and Facebook Pixel integration).

Note: One of our account managers must manually activate this feature. Since you can deploy code through the GTM integration, we want to ensure it's not used maliciously, so we will always ask you questions about the purpose and usage before we activate it.

How to set up the GTM integration

If it’s the first time you’ve heard of Google Tag Manager and don’t know where to start, I suggest visiting this Google article for an overview. That should help better understand how it works and how to begin.

Now, if you are somewhat familiar with the platform, here is what you need to do and look after:

  1. First, we recommend adding a new "container" in GTM for Flipsnack tags. It's better to keep tags organized in your GTM account to avoid any future confusion regarding which tags are used on your site and which are used on Flipsnack. Name the new container "Flipsnack".

    GTM container
  2. Each GTM container has a unique ID. So if you've just created a new container for Flipsnack, you will need its unique ID.
    You'll recognize it easily because it contains the letters GTM and a string of letters and numbers: GTM-XXXXXXX
    This ID is displayed in your GTM account right next to Workspace Changes and the Preview and Submit buttons on the top right.
    You will need to copy the entire ID (GTM letters included).

    GTM ID
  3. Now, log in to your Flipsnack account. Go to My Flipbooks and find the flipbook to which you want to add the GTM code. Click Customize. You should be able to find your Google Tag Manager tab beneath the Google Analytics tab. Click on the tab, paste the GTM ID in the field, and click Save & Share.

    GTM integration in Flipsnack

To check if everything works, copy the link of your flipbook and go back to your Google Tag Manager Container. Click Preview in the top right corner and paste your link in the next dialog box. Press Connect and a new window with your flipbook should open. You have done everything correctly if you see the Tag Assistant box in the bottom right corner or hits being sent to GTM.

For any questions or suggestions, please contact us via live chat.