Download statistics

Learn how to download your flipbook statistics as a CSV file.

You can access two types of statistics in Flipsnack: workspace statistics (all flipbooks taken as a group) and individual flipbook statistics. 

This article refers to individual flipbook statistics.

In Flipsnack, you can export your flipbook statistics from your online account and download them in a CSV format. This might come in handy for various reasons:

  • The information is easy to share
  • The data is in numerical format, so it is easier to apply filters and formulas
  • The data can easily be turned into charts and graphs
  • The statistics can be accessed offline

Note: You can download statistics starting with the Professional plan.

Note: All Flipsnack statistics are presented following the UTC timezone.

How to download CSV reports in Flipsnack

To download your statistics, you have to access the Statistics page. To do so, go to your Flipbooks dashboard, click on the three dots icon, then click on Stats. You can do so for any flipbook from your dashboard.


Once on the statistics page, you can download each section individually by clicking on the Download CSV button.

  • Summary (impressions, views, average time spent, downloads, and shares)

  • Flipbook statistics (impressions, views, average time spent, downloads, and shares)

  • Page level statistics (statistics for each page of your flipbook: date, page number, views, clicks, average time spent)

  • Engagement statistics (id, name, page, details, clicks)

  • Devices and sources statistics (desktop, tablet, mobile, Flipsnack, social, embed)

  • Global views by top locations statistics (views, country code, country name)

  • Lead form statistics (timestamp, book title, page index, email)

Important: The CSV file includes all-time statistics from the day the flipbook was published up until the CSV file is downloaded. 

However, you can also choose to view the statistics for a certain period of time, setting the selected interval in the calendar, as opposed to the data listed on the statistics page, which can be filtered to display data from a certain period.

You can read more about Flipsnack statistics and Google Analytics integration.

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