Readers statistics is a helpful feature for big companies and teams to view reader’s activity and analyze results to see how successful their flipbooks are when it comes to likes, views, downloads, etc.

If you don’t have this option activated in your account and would like to know more about it, make sure you check out our article about Workspace readers.

Readers statistics will only show results for readers you have in your workspace and not for everyone who reads your publication.

However, if you’re interested in general statistics, find out everything you need to know about Flipsnack statistics.

Important: Readers statistics are available for the Enterprise and Organization subscriptions.

In order to see Readers statistics, make sure you first check “Track each reader individually”. If you don't do this, then you'll have no statistics here. You can also “Send a notification to my readers” to inform them about your publication.

So to access Readers statistics, just login into Flipsnack, then go to My flipbook and select the flipbook you want to see the statistics of and select Stats.

The Summary is the first section you’ll see. Here you have all the important information including impressions, views, average time spent, likes, and downloads.

You can select the date and view the overall summary of all the readers. But you can also select each reader individually to see a specific summary of their statistics. And you can download the CSV file for all the readers or for each one separately.

In the Readers section, you have a more detailed view of each reader individually, like the ones already mentioned: views, impressions, time spent, and downloads. You can also select the number of rows you want to see per page.

Below, there is an interactive chart that graphically represents all the stats that we’ve talked about. Click on the chart and see all the interactivity on each day.

Page level statistics, give you an overall view of all your flipbook pages. For each page, you can see the average time spent, views, and clicks. If you want to watch your flipbook performance day by day, you can simply select “Day”.

Another great section is the Engagement statistics. If you have elements in your flipbooks like images, audios, videos, links, social media buttons, etc., here you can see how your readers interacted with them by viewing how many times they’ve clicked on.

Flipsnack statistics also lets you view the devices and sources through which your readers had access to your flipbooks such as mobile phones, tablets, or desktops.

Global views by top locations allow you to see from where your readers accessed your flipbooks. You even have an interactive map where you can click on different regions.

In case you have lead forms in your flipbooks, you’ll see each reader that filled it in.

And if you have flipbooks for sale, you can view details about your sales.

We hope this article was helpful and if you have more questions please ask us via live chat. You can also use the chat to ask to be put in touch with an account manager if you're interested in using this within your organization.

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