Share templates with teams

Learn how to share design templates with multiple team and connected workspaces with the Organization plan

If you already have an Organization plan active, you will be interested in adding your organization’s branding elements (fonts, colors, typography) but you may also be interested in creating branded templates that the entire organization can use. Luckily that’s possible with Flipsnack and that’s exactly what this article is about.

The Organization plan is built around one main workspace, or a “master" workspace, so to speak. If you want to create templates for the entire organization, your templates need to start there, in that main workspace.

However, they will not be automatically available for all connected workspaces included in your Organization plan. Each workspace, including the master, can have its own separate templates. In order to help you figure out which is which, you'll have them organized in 2 different tabs: Organization templates and Team templates.

organization templates button

How to share Organization templates with all connected workspaces

Only the templates created in the main workspace can be shared with the entire organization. This is important. Your templates have to be final and published in order to be available for sharing with the other teams from the other workspaces.

add to teams template button

After your template is ready, go to My templates and click on Add to teams. If at a later point, you want to remove a template from the team click on Remove from teams.

After a template is added to all connected workspaces, it will instantly be available to all teams in My templates -> Organization templates.

Make the most out of the features that the Organization plan has to offer! In addition to templates, don't forget to configure your branding options and create locked templates.