Advanced customization options

Learn more about advanced customization options will be explained here.

Flipbooks can be customized even more with features like Google Analytics integrations or Accessibility for readers with impaired vision.

We’ll take a closer look at what other customization options Flipsnack has to offer from the Design Studio or the upload page.

Lead form

If you want to add a Lead form to your publication, just check the Add lead capture form box. From here, you can change the form's title, input placeholder, and the text on the button, and also set the page you want to be displayed. Start collecting email leads through your publication!


Google Analytics

Besides Flipsnack statistics, we offer Google Analytics integration. By adding your Google Analytics tracking ID to your profile, you will be able to track and view data for all of your Flipsnack public links, and it will automatically track data on all of your flipbook.


Google Tag Manager

Connect your flipbook to your Google Tag Manager to track conversions from flipbooks or other actions independently, all on your own. Learn more about the GTM integration in the flipbook player.



From the Accessibility tab, you can make your flipbook accessible to people with eyesight disorders by setting up a title and description for each page of your flipbook. Once set, the VoiceOver software will be able to read the titles and descriptions to your readers as they flip through the publication.

Read more about how Accessibility works in Flipsnack.


Here is what an accessible flipbook looks like:


Lastly, some of the customization options are available only with a premium subscription. As a free user, you will see in Customize which plan unlocks each option:


Like other customization options, these too can be saved for future flipbooks. All you have to do is check the Preserve settings box and save time for your future self.

If there is anything else you’d like to know about customization options, contact us via live chat!