Table of contents

How to automatically import table of contents from PDFs to flipbooks, and how to update the table of contents

Including a table of contents in your flipbook can provide different advantages, such as giving readers a clear overview of the publication's content and structure. In this article, I will provide you with all the necessary information on how to import a table of contents from PDFs to your flipbooks.

How do I add a table of contents to my flipbook?

To include a table of contents in your flipbook, it is important to have a well-formatted table of contents in your PDF. Here’s how to properly make a table of contents in Adobe InDesign and Adobe Acrobat Pro.

Once you have uploaded your PDF file, go to Customize, then Menu controls. Here, you will have the Table of contents option.

Table of contents option in Flipsnack

If your PDF file contains a properly formatted table of contents, you'll have access to this feature and see the following message: "We've detected a table of contents in your document. Enable this option to display them in your flipbook player."

If your PDF file does not contain a table of contents or if the table of contents is not formatted properly, the Table of contents option will be disabled, and you will see the following message: "We didn't detect a table of contents in your document, so this option is unavailable"

Enabling this option will add a table of contents icon in the menu bar in your flipbook. 

When clicked, your table of contents menu will appear on the right side of your flipbook if you are using the Modern skin or on the top center of your flipbook if you are using the Classic skin. This menu allows you to quickly navigate to different sections of your publication by clicking on the chapter titles or anchors. It's a convenient way to flip to a specific page without having to scroll through the entire flipbook.

Modern skin:

Table of contents in modern skin

Classic Skin:

Table of contents in classic skin

How do I update a table of contents?

If you want to update the table of contents in Flipsnack, you will have to re-upload a new PDF containing the updated table of contents.

Warning: When uploading a new PDF, you will lose the statistics for the old one. The newly created PDF will be tracked instead.

To do so, select the PDF, click on the three dots, and choose Upload files. 


You can also do it while customizing the file by clicking on Upload 

Select Upload more files and choose the new PDF. Once the new PDF has been uploaded, you can delete the older one by clicking on the X icon

Click on Delete and then on Next. Click on Share now to republish the PDF.


Important: To avoid any inconsistencies, do not export your PDF as a spread before uploading it in Flipsnack, as the TOC might not be detected. 

You can learn more about the table of contents in this video.

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