If you are a Professional or Business member, you can now import the table of contents from your PDF file to your flipbook. Isn't this exciting news?

How do I add a table of contents in my flipbook?

In order to have a table of contents in your flipbook, you need to have a table of contents, properly formatted in your PDF. Here is a tutorial on how to add a table of contents in PDFs with various tools.

If your PDF file contains a table of contents, this feature will be available and you will be prompted the message We've detected a table of content in your document. Enable this option to display them in your flipbook widget.

If your PDF file does not contain a table of contents or if the table of contents is not formatted properly, the Table of contents option will be disabled and you will be prompted the following message: We didn't detect a table of contents in your document, so this option is unavailable.

Once you have uploaded your PDF file, go to the Customize tab and check the Table of contents option.

Checking this option will add a table of contents icon in the top menu bar in your flipbook, while viewed in full-screen. 

When clicked, your table of contents menu will appear on the left side of your flipbook and you can quickly click on all the chapter titles or anchors, to flip your publication to a certain page.

We think this is a cool new option and we hope you like it! Let us know on our live chat if you think being able to create table of contents directly in our editor is something you'd be interested in. 

Learn more about table of contents in this video.

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