Customize order and customize email options in Shopping List

Learn about the different order and email customization options you can use for the shopping areas and shopping buttons in your publications.

In this article about the Shopping List feature, we have mentioned the different customization options you have for the shopping area and shopping button. 

Table of contents:

Customize order

Printing the order list

Customize email

Connect your custom email provider

This article will focus on the different order and email customization options. These options are great for branding purposes, as they allow you, as a seller, to set custom messages, upload custom logos, and more. 

Customize order

When placing a shopping area or a shopping button, at the bottom of the Shopping list tab on the left-hand side, you’ll have the Customize order button.


Clicking on the Customize order button brings up a new window. Here, you can add your custom logo to the PDF order list, customize the header, and customize the footer.


For example, in the header, you could add information like your address and the email where the PDF or CSV file should be sent. In the footer, you can add information like a thank-you note, item details, and shipping information.

You can also choose between the PDF and CSV download options. You can select one or both, depending on your preference and utility. For instance, the CSV file can be imported into spreadsheet applications or ERP applications used by companies. If you want these changes to apply to all future order lists, check the Preserve settings checkbox. If this is a one-time thing, simply leave this section blank.


Printing the order list

Before printing your order list, there are two things to take into consideration:

  1. Set the page layout to A4, not letter or other layout options, since the printing settings at Flipsnack are optimized for A4.
  2. Add margins to your list. The standard margins for the A4 layout are: left (0,75 in), right (0,52 in), and bottom (1,44 in).

Note: If you did not check these requirements, you might have a weird-looking order list that is not properly bordered, especially for order lists that have two or more pages.

Customize email

Next to the Customize order button, you have the Customize email button. This is where you can input information for receiving shopping requests from your clients.

Customize email option

First, enter the email address where you want to receive the shopping requests. Make sure this is an email that you have notifications for or frequently check.

Below that, you can create an order confirmation message for your clients. 


Important: Make sure you add the email address that you want to receive the orders in the Placing orders field. If you do not add any email here, the order requests will be sent to the email registered with your Flipsnack account.

In the next tab, you'll see Customer contact details. Here, you can add a Section title and Description that your customers will see before sending the order. In this description, you can share with them the reasons you require them to complete the following fields, together with a personalized message. Anytime they wish to send you the order list, they will be required to give you this information.


The fields that you can add to the list include the following:

  • Email address
  • Full name
  • Phone number
  • Country/region
  • Website
  • Paragraph
  • Custom input

With any additional fields, you can choose whether to make it required or not. To make it a required field, simply click the asterisk mark next to the field when adding it to the Customer contact details.

After selecting the fields you wish to add, you can choose whether or not to add your own privacy policy link. Simply tick the box on or off.

And finally, click Preserve settings at the bottom so that all the details will be remembered next time. 


Important: The orders placed through the shopping list feature will not be directly connected to your stocks or affect your website at checkout. They serve purely as informational notes to let you know what your customers are interested in purchasing. Please contact your account manager if you want a custom integration to connect your shopping list with your website.

Connect your custom email provider

We have introduced the option to use Mailgun and Amazon SES as email providers in Flipsnack. The feature is great for receiving emails when customers place orders through the shopping list feature. You will be notified via email when someone sends an order. Currently, the notification comes from noreply@flipsnack.

Selecting a custom email provider allows you to customize the name and address you receive the email from. You could, for example, choose to receive the notification from Orders and set the address as orders@your domain. The name and the address are up to you. 

You can easily set this up by clicking on Settings in the main dashboard, then on the Email provider button.

You’ll see the three email provider options in the newly opened window: Flipsnack, Mailgun, and Amazon SES. Flipsnack will be your default provider, so if you wish to keep it this way, no further action needs to be taken. 


If you want to choose one of the other providers, read the following articles: 

How to set up Mailgun in Flipsnack

How to set up Amazon SES in Flipsnack

Important: Please contact us if you would like to integrate a custom email provider. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support team or your account manager. We’re always happy to help in any way we can.