How to set up Amazon Simple Email Services as an email provider

Learn how to set Amazon Simple Email Services as an email provider in Flipsnack.

We have introduced the option to integrate Amazon (SES) as an email provider into Flipsnack. 

The feature is available with the Enterprise pricing plan. 

With a custom email provider, you can make specific email branding customizations, including the sender’s name and the email address you send the emails. 

Connecting your email provider is useful, especially if you want to send emails with your flipbooks through Flipsnack. 

It is also useful when receiving an email with an order sent through the Shopping List feature. 

Here’s how to set up Amazon SES in Flipsnack.

To get started, go to Settings, Email Provider, and click on the Amazon web services icon.

Amazon SES in Flipsnack

Enter the following information in the required fields.

Amazon SES settings in Flipsnack

From name: You can enter any name you wish here. This is the name the recipients of your emails will see when they receive an email from you.

From email: This is where you enter the email address from which you will send the emails. You can either create an address on the spot, as long as the domain has the verified identity status in Amazon, or use an already verified email address. You can notice the identity status in the image below. 

To access this information, go to the Amazon SES dashboard, and click on Configuration, Verified identities. Here you can copy the information and paste it into the From email field in Flipsnack.

Domain in Amazon SES

If you copy the domain, you should paste the data after the @. Eg:
If you copy the email address, then you should paste the text as a whole into the field. 

AWS Region: You can find the region on the same page with the domain information on the upper right side of the screen. 

Region in Amazon SES

In Flipsnack, use the dropdown menu to select the same region as the one on the Amazon SES page.

AWS Region in Flipsnack

API key: You can generate the API key from the Identity and Access Management (IAM) page on Amazon. 

In case you create a new Amazon user: 

While on the IAM dashboard: 

1. Click on Access management, Users, then Add users.

2. Enter a username, check the Access key - Programmatic access, and click on Next: Permissions.

User name in Amazon

3. Click on Attach existing policies directly, then select the AmazonSESFullAccess checkbox. To reach it quickly, you can search for it in the search field. Once selected, click on Next: Tags.

Policy in Amazon SES

4. Click on Next: Review.

Add tags in Amazon SES

5. Click on Create user.

Create user in Amazon SES

6. Here is where you will have access to the Access key ID and the Secret access key. This is also where you can download the keys for future use.

Copy the Access key ID and paste it into the API key field in Flipsnack.

Access key ID in Amazon

API Secret Key: You can copy the Secret access key from the same page on Amazon and paste it into this field in Flipsnack.

API Secret Key in Amazon

In case you already have an Amazon user: 

If you already have a user, make sure that the Access key - Programmatic access is checked and that you have selected AmazonSESFullAccess as a policy. If the two are selected, you should have access to the Access key ID and Secret access key. Go to Programmatic Access, Security credentials, and Access key ID to access them

If you no longer have access to the keys, you can create a second Access key ID in Amazon, which should also give you access to the Secret access key.

Once you have pasted the required information in the input fields, click on Save changes.

Save changes in Flipsnack

If you want to stop using Amazon as an email provider, you can return to using Flipsnack for sending emails instead. To do so, while on the Email Provider page in Flipsnack, click on the Flipsnack button, then on Save changes

Different email providers in Flipsnack

You also have the option to use Mailgun as an email provider

For any questions or suggestions regarding the Amazon SES feature, please do not hesitate to contact us via live chat.