If you’re a wholesaler or retailer using Flipsnack to create catalogs, there’s good news for you. We’ve launched the shopping list feature that will make the process of buying and selling a lot easier.

With our Enterprise plan, you will have the option to add a Shopping area and a Shopping button within your catalogs so that customers can quickly click and add an item to their shopping list. When they’re finished adding all their desired items to the shopping list, they can easily download it as a PDF and email it to you.

This feature will allow you to quickly and easily assess orders from a PDF document. It will help avoid all the back-and-forth and streamline the process of wholesaling from start to finish for both the seller and the buyer. Here’s how you set it up.

How to use the shopping list feature

First, you have to have an Enterprise plan. Once you’re logged in and in the Design Studio, click on Interact on the left-hand side.

How to add a shopping area

Once clicked, you’ll see two options under Shopping. First, you have the Shopping area button. This will allow you to drag an overlay over a certain area of your catalog where users can click to add an item to their shopping list.

When you select the overlay, you will be able to add additional details to the item. Starting from the top, you see that you have the option to Open overlay, which will open a popup window when the item is clicked.

Moving down, you can add product details such as title, product ID, and a description. Below that, you can add the normal price, a discounted price (if it applies), and the currency. Ease your work even more by automating your shopping areas and shopping buttons.

Next, you’ll see an option titled Enable quantity with a check box next to it. If activated, the buyer will have the option to adjust the quantity of the selected item in their list. If it’s deactivated, they won’t have this option.

In the next tab, titled Product images you’ll be able to add images related to the item selected. These are images that will be used in the popup, and you can select up to 3. Square images greater than or equal to 260x260 will work best and produce the highest quality.

Under that, you have the option to Customize button. Here, you will be able to customize the add to list button, but it is not required. Create a new label, and change the colors of the button and text.

Additionally, you can change the opacity of the overlay by going to the top right of the Design Studio and adjusting it.

Add directly to list

As I mentioned at the beginning, you have the option to make an overlay popup when either the Shopping area or Shopping button are clicked. But, if you so chose, you can make that item go directly into the user’s list without the overlay popping up.

Because the items are going directly into the shopping list, you will not have the option to customize the shopping button.

To do this, simply select the Add directly to list option instead of Open overlay. Now, when the item or button is clicked, it will be added directly to the shopping list, which you can see icon the bottom right of the flipbook player.

How to add a shopping button

The second option is to add a Shopping button. This button will look like a CTA (Call to Action), and it is customizable with the Button label, Button color, Label and icon color, and Icon. To customize your button, click on the Customize button.

The Shopping button contains all of the same fields as the Shopping area, the biggest difference being a noticeable button (CTA) instead of an item overlay.

Using the shopping list feature as a customer

From the customer’s perspective, the shopping list feature is very straightforward to use. When you’re viewing a catalog and you see an item you want to add to your list, simply click on the item (if the Shopping area is activated) or click the CTA button (If the Shopping button is activated).

Once the item is added, you can see your list by clicking the shopping bag icon at the bottom right of the flipbook player.

Important: This can only be activated by the owner of the catalog. In Controls, simply select Show shopping list.

In the shopping list, you will see the item selected and the quantity of that item. Next to the quantity, you can remove the item by clicking the trash can icon. At the top of the list, you can clear it entirely by clicking Clear list.

From here, you can also download the list as a PDF and send it off to the wholesaler. The PDF will contain the product name, product code, price, quantity, and total. This will make dealing with larger orders much easier, and help avoid miscommunication between the seller and the buyer.

Important: In order to use the shopping list feature, you must have the Enhanced skin activated.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support team. We’re always happy to help in any way we can.

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