Flipsnack uses the freemium model, which means that you can use the tool with a free account, or with a paid subscription. Naturally, the free version is limited.

What can I do with a free account on Flipsnack?

You can create up to 3 flipbooks in your account, by uploading PDFs or by creating them from scratch in our integrated Design Studio. Yes, with a free account you design a brochure with up to 30 pages in Flipsnack.

Each one of your 3 flipbooks can have up to 30 pages. If your uploaded PDF had more than 30 pages, only the first 30 will be displayed.

You have to publish your flipbooks before you can share them.

With a free account, you can share the link of your flipbook on social media, email, or chat.

Another option is to integrate the animated flipbook on your site or blog, by adding the embed code. A Flipsnack watermark will be applied right next to the animated flipbook in your embedded flipbook player.

You can also download a GIF preview of your flipbook for sharing on social platforms.

In a nutshell, this is the basics of what you can do with a free account. For businesses and organizations, we generally recommend a paid subscription, because they unlock a lot of valuable features, in terms of interactivity, privacy settings, statistics, branding, collaboration. They also allow you to create more flipbooks, with more pages. Check our pricing page to see all details.

What are the limitations of the free version?

Here's a quick overview of some functionalities that are not available with the Free plan, but which are included in our Starter plan. Please keep in mind that we do have more options in Flipsnack, available with higher pricing plans.

Free version

Starter plan

Number of flipbooks (that you can have in your account at a time)



Number of pages displayed / flipbook

30 pages max

100 pages max

Create and save your own templates

Export your design as PDF

Allow your audience to download the flipbook in PDF format

Upload custom fonts

Full view link

Unlisted flipbooks

There are many other features available in Flipsnack with a paid plan. Check our pricing page to see all details.

Need help deciding which pricing plan is right for you? Let our support team know, by contacting us on live chat.

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