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Learn how to create and save design templates

There's a great way for those who use our online Design Studio frequently to create multiple publications starting from the same layouts. Now you are not limited to using our templates, but you can create your own if you have a premium subscription

My templates in Flipsnack

When you save your design as a template, you can then use that template to create new publications using the same layout settings, objects, and styles. Creating templates will save you a lot of time when making multiple publications that need a consistent layout and format. We recommend this feature for newsletters, magazine issues, similar brochures, catalogs, lookbooks, and reports. 

How to create a new template design

If you want to create a new template, go to Design Studio, and start creating the design as usual. Once you are happy with the result, go to File and click on Save as template:


Once you click on that button, the design will be saved as a template in your workspace, and you can find it by going from the main Dashboard to the My templates tab. 

Remember that you can also turn a flipbook into a template from My Flipbooks, with just a few clicks: 


When you choose to save a flipbook design as a template, a copy of the flipbook will be added to My Templates, and you will be able to use it as a template from that section. 

Important: Saving a flipbook as a template does not increase the total number of flipbooks in your workspace.

Now, from My Flipbooks, let’s go to the My Templates section. 


When you access My Templates, you will have these options available for each template: 

  • Use Template - when this option is used, a new flipbook will be added in My Flipbooks section;

  • Edit - this option allows you to edit the template;

  • Rename;

  • Move to trash;


Important: As you can't edit the content of a PDF in Flipsnack, you will not be able to upload a PDF and turn it into an editable template. You can use a PDF as a part of a template, but every page of that PDF will be displayed as a static image that can't be altered.

Now, let’s say you’re in the Design Studio, preparing to create a new publication, and you want to search for a specific template to start with. Click on Templates, and type the desired keyword(s) you’re looking for in the Search templates tab. 

To find exactly a template design or a template page you’re looking for, you can use the exact search option. Type your keyword(s) between quotation marks (e.g. “catalog template") in the search bar, and the results displayed will be only templates and pages containing that exact keyword.

templates exact search

Remember that the Templates tab will display results based on the entire Flipsnack template library and your created templates. The Pages tab will only display pages from your created templates from the current workspace you are working on.

You can also lock templates or lock certain elements in your templates and flipbooks. This might be helpful if you share your workspace with other team members that use your templates and you want them to keep everything or some elements the same in the new publications they create.

Your saved templates are private, so you don't have to worry about anyone else using them. They will only be accessible to you or your team in your team workspace.

We hope you enjoy creating and using your own templates! If you have any questions or recommendations, contact us on our live chat support!