Now you can share your flipbooks with your teammates using our custom feature, "My readers only"!

This feature is different from all of our features, because the reader will have a special tab with all the flipbooks that they have been invited to read. By utilizing "My readers only" your workflow will be simplified because you won't have to manually add the email addresses or import a CSV file every time you want to share your work with an audience.

Using "My readers only" will allow you to share a flipbook only with the people that you want to read your flipbooks. It is very useful when you constantly want to share your creations with your colleagues or if you have a list of readers.

"My readers only" is a feature available with our Enterprise PLUS plan. 

How it works

Adding readers on your list is quite simple. The first step that you must do is to go to the My Account.

Then you have to choose the Readers tab and click Add readers

There you can add the email addresses of the people that you want to invite. 

When you choose the flipbook that you want to share with your readers, you simply select My readers only from the Visibility at the Customize section and click Save changes.

The invited people will receive an email where they'll have to accept the invitation and set a password in order to gain access. This is how their account will look like and in the Team flipbooks tab they will have the magazines ready to be leafed through.

Your invited readers won't have access to your other flipbooks and won't be able to see any details from your account. 

Important: Because this is a custom feature, you can get in touch with us on our live chat in order to get more info it, the pricing and other questions that you might have.
Our agents will be more than glad to help!

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