When your content is properly organized, you'll be able to find your flipbooks much easier and you'll save a lot of time. So how can you do that if you have tens of flipbooks, or even more? The answer is easy. Start organizing your flipbooks in folders and subfolders. 

You decide which organizing system you want to use when you add and label folders. If you're part of a team, maybe each user can have his own folder. Or maybe you decide you want to organize your publications by month of the year. Or a totally different criteria. It is up to you to decide what system you want to use.

How to create folders and subfolders

If you want to create a new folder, simply access the main dashboard on Flipsnack, and then right-click on My flipbooks. In the new option menu, click the New folder option. Name your new folder and click OK. It's as simple as that when wanting to create a subfolder. Click right on the folder, choose the New folder button, name it, click OK and you'll have a subfolder.

Keep in mind that you can have unlimited folders and levels of subfolders!

How to add your flipbooks to folders

You can flipbooks in your folder really easily, by just dragging them from the right area of the dashboard into the desired folder.

How to move flipbooks from one folder to another

Now let's say you accidentally added a flipbook in the April folder, instead of the March folder. No need to worry!

Just click on the April folder, and you'll find the flipbook that you want to move on the right area. With a simple drag & drop, you can move it into the desired folder.  Pretty neat, right?

How to delete and restore a folder

If you want to get rid of an entire folder and everything that it contains, you can easily do so. Click right on the folder you want to delete, choose the Delete folder option and it will move automatically to Trash. Take into consideration that the flipbooks you had into the folder you deleted will also move automatically to Trash.

There's also an easy way to recover a folder (and its content) if deleted by accident. Simply click on the Trash icon, then click right on the deleted folder and choose Recover

Other important info

Except for the things already mentioned above, there are also others that need to be specified.

For instance, you can easily access your folders from the top area of the dashboard as well, not just from the right. In order to open a folder from the top, just double-click on it. You also have a (back arrow) button which allows you to go back from a sub-folder to a main folder, and from a main folder to My Flipbooks.

Please keep in mind that a flipbook can't be part of two folders. Once a flipbook is dragged from the My flipbooks section in a folder, you will only find it in that folder. That flipbook will no longer appear in the My flipbooks section.

You should also know that you can drag a main folder into another one, but you can't drag a parent folder into a subfolder.

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