We just launched a new version of the shelf widget for those who want to display multiple flipbooks in the same collection.

To create a shelf, simply go to My flipbooks and select Create a bookshelf at the top of the page.

This will open a new page in which all your currently published flipbooks will be displayed. You can then select all the flipbooks that you want to appear in your bookshelf by clicking on them.

You will be taken to another page where you can change the order in which the flipbooks appear and also name your shelf. When you're done, just click on the Publish button to save your bookshelf.

Here's how a default bookshelf looks like.

Looks super clean, right? Here's an example shelf if you wanna see it in action. 

Don't like the color palette? Don't worry, that can be customized. Just locate your newly created bookshelf in My flipbooks. You'll know which ones are bookshelves by the tag Shelf which is automatically added to all your shelves.

Once you have located your bookshelf, just click on Customize.

This will open your settings option in which you can change your background color or your shelf color. Once you're happy with your colors, simply click Save

If you want to embed your flipbook on your website and you want it to better integrate with your website design, you might want to try using a transparent background for your flipbook. 

Here's how amazing the bookshelf can look if integrated in a nicely designed website using the transparent background option. 

We have received a lot of improvement suggestions regarding our bookshelf feature so stay tuned for changes in the near future! Also, you can always leave your own suggestions using the live chat and our friendly agents will make sure to pass them along to the product team. 

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