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How to take over a flipbook

Collaborate better with your teammates in Flipsnack by seeing who is working on a flipbook and having the option to take over editing it.

For a workspace with multiple users, you have the ability to track the editing of a flipbook in real-time. Go to My Flipbooks to see exactly which teammate works on which flipbook:


Seeing who works on what could be helpful if you have many teammates in the same workspace. Know exactly which user is currently working on a specific flipbook and prevent any override of the content edited by the previous team member.

Important: All teammates from a workspace can see in My Flipbooks which colleague works on which flipbook.

Now, let’s say you want to work on a specific flipbook that your teammate is currently editing. Click Edit, and you will receive the invitation to take over: 


Once you click on the Take over button, you lock out the current editor of the flipbook and begin editing. 

Important: All the changes your teammate has made on the flipbook up until your takeover will be saved, and you will see the latest version of the flipbook. 

Conversely, your teammate will be informed that you took over the flipbook. He will have the option to Take it back or to click on I’ll come back later button, which will take him to My Flipbooks


Take over is a feature available with all our premium memberships that support multiple users, including Enterprise.

Other great ways to collaborate with your teammates in Flipsnack are by leaving comments and page notes on flipbooks in Design Studio.