Adding comments in Design Studio

Streamline collaboration by leaving comments on your designs. Get things done faster and more efficiently.

At Flipsnack we’re all about collaboration. We think that teamwork makes the dream work. But teamwork can often get frustrating when communication lacks. This is why we're adding more collaboration features in Design Studio. So that you and your team can work better together when creating publications in Flipsnack's Design Studio.

What are comments?

Quite self-explanatory and easy to understand, comments are often used in Google Docs to leave and receive on-point feedback. The same principle applies to the comments feature in Flipsnack. No more back and forth emails and endless meetings. You can add suggestions, questions for other team members in your document.

Adding comments in Design Studio

We made it super easy to leave fast feedback through comments.

Here’s how to add comments:

  1. Create or open an existing design.

  2. In the left section of the Design Studio click the Draw Comment button.

image showing the add comment button in Flipsnack

3. Click on the page, on the exact place that you want to comment on, and click Send.

Edit comments in Design Studio in Flipsnack

This is how your comment will look like after you have saved it. You can now edit or delete it and whenever your collaborators will see and read the comments, they will simply click Resolve and you will know the message got through. Easy as that!

Resolve comments in Flipsnack

Important: Comments are different from notes. You can add a single note on a page while you can add multiple on-spot comments.