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Learn about account options and other settings

Find out how to access and update your account settings, billing info, manage users, and log out.

Once you are logged in to your Flipsnack account, you can easily access your Account options and other settings.

To do so, click on the profile picture button in the upper right corner of the app, and a small menu with different options, information, and links will open. Here is also where you can log out of your account by clicking on the Log out button.

You can access the button from any page of the app, whether you are in the Main dashboard, Customize, or in the Design Studio.


Starting from the top, you can find your name and subscription plan. Then, just below, there’s an option to create or switch workspaces. Bellow that, there is the My profile link, which will take you to your public profile. 

Following, there are different links, each with different options:

My account 

  • Account details - Here, you can edit or update your account image and name, edit your email address and password, configure two-factor authentication, or delete your account. 

  • Email preferences - Here, you can manage your notifications; check or uncheck the types of emails you want to receive.


  • Subscription - Here, you can see your current subscription, upgrade your plan, request a trial, or see the features of our plans.
  • Invoices - contains your billing details info and a list of all your invoices. 


  • Workspace - rename, brand, or delete your workspace.
  • General - set the default visibility for your flipbooks (Public, Unlisted, Password locked, Private), and hide the other visibility options
  • Teammates - add or remove teammates to your workspace, assign roles, and enable or disable two-factor authentication for teammates
  • Readers - add or remove account readers
  • Groups - create different groups of readers for different departments and categories
  • Single Sign-on - enable and manage your SSO
  • API - manage API keys associated with your Flipsnack account
  • Workspace access - offer temporary access to your Flipsnack workspace
  • Teammate activity - see all your teammates’ activity in your workspace
  • Feature management - enable or disable certain features from being used by teammates in your workspace
  • Email provider - set up a custom email provider (Amazon, Mailgun)

Log out

 You can easily log out from your Flipsnack account by clicking on the Log out button.


The menu has four other links: Help and supportStatus page, and Terms of service.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us via live chat.