Embedding a flipbook on Wordpress Blog

Learn how to embed a flipbook on a WordPress blog.

In order to embed a flipbook from your Flipsnack library on your WordPress website, you need to follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Flipsnack account and go to My Flipbooks. Select the flipbook you want to embed and click the three vertical dots out to the right.

Your flipbooks in Flipsnack

2. From the newly opened tab, click the blue Copy button.

Copying your embed code of your flipbook

3. From your WordPress Dashboard, click Posts.

The posts in your WordPress dashboard

4. Click Add New or the name of an existing post that you want to edit.

5. Click on the Add block button.

Adding a block in WordPress

6. In the search field, search HTML and then click on Custom HTML.

Searching the custom HTML option in WordPress

7. Paste the embedded code in the Write HTML field.

Pasting the embedded HTML code in the Write HTML field

8. When you’re done, click Preview, Save Draft, or Publish. Preview allows you to preview the document in a new tab. You can choose between desktop, mobile, or tablet mode.

Preview options in WordPress

9. Or click on Preview from the HTML block to directly preview the flipbook on-page.

Preview in the HTML block in WordPress

That is all!

By the way, you can embed your flipbook with a transparent background on your WordPress blog, or you can even customize it with your brand’s colors.

See how your new embedded catalog looks like on your WordPress blog.

Embedded catalog in WordPress