Adding tags and captions

Customize your flipbooks and make them interactive by adding tags and captions.

After you upload your PDF or create your flipbook from scratch, you can make it interactive by adding customizable tags and captions. Let's take a look at how they work.

What are tags and how to add them?

Tags are interactive elements you can place on the page, which when clicked reveal a piece of text information and a URL.

In order to add a tag, while in the Design Studio, go to the Interact tab and click on Tag.

Adding a tag in Design Studio

A great way to use tags is if you have a digital presentation book or catalog and you want your readers to have more information regarding different items presented in the flipbook. You can even link them to a website where your readers can buy the presented items or gather more information on them.

Important: Tags will always have a glowing effect to catch the eye of the reader.

Tags preview on a flipbook presented in Flipsnack

You can customize your tags to match the design of your flipbook by changing their color, opacity, description text, and URL.

Below you can see an example of tags in action when clicked on them.

Tags in action when clicked presented in Design Studio

Find out more about the tags feature and how to use it to the fullest potential.

What are captions and how to add them?

Besides tags, you can also make your flipbook interactive by adding captions.
Captions are static icons that you can place anywhere on your flipbook that, when clicked, expand providing a description regarding an item from your page. In order to add a caption, while in the Design Studio, go to the Interact tab and click on Caption.

The two caption options available in Design Studio

You'll notice there are two caption options. While they both have the same exact functionality, one provides a square caption icon while the other provides a round caption icon.

As with tags, you can customize your captions by changing their color, opacity, description text, URL. 

Customizing options of captions presented in Design Studio

Another great thing about tags is the fact that you can actually embed video in the text box using iframe embed codes. Check out below an example of how an embedded video looks like in a tag.

Embed video option for captions available in Flipsnack

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