How to move flipbooks from one workspace to another

Learn how to move flipbooks from one workspace to another, with no waiting time. Easily transition through workspaces, in just a few clicks.

Maybe you work with different workspaces, each including different teammates. And sometimes you need a specific flipbook to be edited or reviewed by teammates from another workspace than the one it was initially created in.

Now, you can easily do that, with a few clicks, and with no outside help needed.

There are a few important mentions before getting into step-by-step instructions:

  1. You have to keep in mind the available features for the workspace in which you want to move the flipbook. Premium features (password protected, lead forms, interactions) will not work if that workspace doesn’t have access to them through a premium subscription.

  2. When you or your teammates move a published flipbook to a new workspace, it will have a different URL (direct link).

  3. Trace this action back to the Teammate activity section. You can check the flipbook’s history in two places: the original workspace and the workspace used for relocating it.

    settings under account options flipsnack
  4. Any previously private/shared with team/shared via email flipbooks will appear as public in the new workspace.

How to move flipbooks from one workspace to another:
  1. Go to My flipbooks.

  2. Right-click on a specific flipbook, the one you want to transfer to a different workspace.

  3. Select Move to workspace.

    move to workspace option flipsnack
  4. A modal will appear, with the available workspaces from which to choose.

    move to another workspace menu flipsnack
  5. Check the box for I understand and I want to continue.

    move to another workspace warning flipsnack
  6. Once you complete this action, your flipbook will be visible in the new workspace, but you can still trace it back to the original workspace, to see who moved it and where.

If you're just getting started with using Flipsnack workspaces, then you should take a look at this article about managing your workspaces.