Team & personal uploads in Design Studio

Organize your images and video uploads and have better control over them.

This article is about an upgrade to the uploads folder in the Design Studio, which makes it possible to keep team files and personal files separate. The uploads folder in the Design Studio contains images and videos. This functionality is only relevant for those who work in team workspaces.

How do Team & personal uploads help me?

Collaboration is awesome, but sometimes it has its own challenges. This update provides more control over uploaded files, for workspace admins. They can choose to upload files for the entire team, or to keep them in the My uploads tab. Only the workspace owner and admins can manage team files (add and remove).

Besides giving you more control over sharing, it’s also a neat way to keep your files more organized, which will also help you find a particular image or video much faster.

We recommend using the team tab for resources that are helpful and needed for the entire team. This way, you and the rest of the team won’t have to scroll and scroll to find a file hidden with 1000 other files uploaded by teammates.

How do Team & personal uploads work?

Open the Design Studio -> Go to the Uploads section, and select My uploads to view or to upload personal images and videos, or select Team uploads to view or to upload images and videos that are shared with your team.

Team & personal uploads in Flipsnack

Important: If you’re a part of a team, you can find all of your uploaded images and videos in Team uploads.

It's also important to note that if you are a part of multiple workspaces, you will always find your personal uploaded files in My uploads, regardless of the workspace you're in.

How to share personal files with the team?

If you want, you can share with your team some of the files that you already uploaded in the My uploads tab.

Just drag your mouse over an image or video, and click on the 3 dots, just like in the screenshot below. You'll be able to then share the file by clicking Copy to my team.

How to share personal files with the team

However, if you want to move all of your files from My uploads to your Team uploads, just click on Select All, and then hit the Copy to my team button.

How to share personal files with the team

You can even delete all your documents at once if that is your wish. Right after you select them all, you just click on the Trash icon in the middle, and you're done.

Important: Please keep in mind that you can share and delete files only when you're the owner or administrator of the workspace.

If you need more info on uploading images and videos, selecting and deleting multiple images, you can read this article about uploads.