My Flipbooks has a fresh new look

We believe that staying organized is important.

We believe that keeping things organized makes your life easier. That's why we redesigned the dashboard area where you can find all your Flipsnack publications (also called My flipbooks).

The new design of the dashboard is not just pretty, it's also improved with helpful new functionalities.  We believe it will help you manage your publications easily and keep a tidy space on Flipsnack. 

Without further ado, here's what's new:

Folders and sub-folders structure

Folders are not exactly new, but they certainly are improved. In the previous version, they acted more like filters than proper folders. So with the new and improved version of folders, you can't have a publication belong to multiple folders. 

Once moved to a folder, it will only be available there, in that folder.  If you had any flipbooks that belonged to 2 or more folders, they will only be assigned to one folder (whichever folder was created first).

You can create as many folders and sub-folders as you wish, and you can simply drag and drop your flipbooks in those folders and subfolders.

Also, you can share multiple flipbooks at once with whoever you want in just a few seconds. You only need to create a folder and add the flipbooks you want to share. Also, you can share your flipbooks in a Public or Private way. Read more about sharing multiple flipbooks.

Multiple select

Another great announcement is that you can now select more flipbooks at once, by holding Shift or Ctrl and clicking on them. This comes in handy when you want to perform bulk operations, such as deleting flipbooks. 

If you hold Ctrl, you can select each publication individually, regardless of where it is placed in the list. If you want to select a group of flipbooks, hold Shift on the first and on the last one wanted, and it will select all the flipbooks, including the ones between them.

You can either move your publications into a folder, delete them, or restore them with a simple drag and drop.

We also have a Select All button which makes the process simple when needed.

Have you ever regretted deleting a publication and wanted it back? We often get requests to restore deleted flipbooks. We get it, it happens. But now, you can restore them yourself if you ever delete a publication (or folder) by mistake. If you delete a folder, we will move it to Trash together with all its content.

If you remove your publications, now they end up in the Trash. The best part is that you can restore them if needed. 

All publications and folders from trash will be automatically deleted after 21 days.
Find out more about trash here.

Search bar

Again, not a new function, but an improved one. Now you have to type in two-three characters in the search bar in order for the search to be possible.

Important: The maximum number of characters that you can input in a search is 34.


Now you can also search for flipbooks based on filters.

Important: When you use the filters to search for flipbooks, the results will show the flipbooks from all your folders.

Context menu and rename

If you want to see all editing and managing options, you just have to double-click on the title or right-click on the flipbook. This will open a menu from which you can navigate to the desired option. One of these options is Rename.

Keep track of the number of publications

You can now efficiently check the total number of flipbooks you've created so far and how many your subscription allows you to create. Remember that in order to create more, you can always delete some flipbooks to create others or you can upgrade.

View catalog

Do you want to quickly view your published flipbook in order to check something? Just click on the cover and it will open in another tab.

We hope you are just as excited as we are for this fresh change and we gladly await your feedback on the live chat.