Learn about My flipbooks, in the main dashboard area

Discover how to use every feature from the main dashboard to stay organized when designing flipbooks.

Table of contents:

Access your workspace

Keep track of flipbooks

Create folders and subfolders

Select multiple flipbooks

Search flipbooks

Access flipbook options

Create a bookshelf

Change the view

Restore flipbooks



The largest page from the Main dashboard, also called My flipbooks, is where you can view and manage all your Flipsnack publications. There are multiple actions you can take on the page:

Access your workspaces 

In the left panel, you can click on the dropdown menu to see your workspaces and those shared with you. 


Keep track of the number of publications

Below the dropdown menu, you can check the total number of flipbooks you've created so far and how many your subscription allows you to create. 

Note: To create more, you can always delete some of your existing flipbooks, or you can upgrade your subscription

Tracking the number of publications created with Flipsnack

Create Folders and subfolders

You can create as many folders and subfolders as you wish and use them to share multiple flipbooks simultaneously. Simply drag and drop your flipbooks into a folder or subfolder, right-click on it, then click on Get share link. Set the visibility to Public or Private, copy the link, and share it with your audience. 

Folders and subfolders presented in Flipsnack

Select multiple flipbooks at once

You can select multiple flipbooks at once, either by holding the Ctrl/Command key and clicking on multiple flipbooks individually or by holding down the Shift key and then clicking on the first and last flipbook you want to select.

You can also click the Select All checkbox to select all your flipbooks. Once selected, you can move your publications into a folder, delete them, or restore them with a simple drag and drop.

Multiple select functionality presented in Flipsnack

Search flipbooks

You can use the search bar to search for particular flipbooks. There are different filter options to choose from, such as Created by, Visibility, Labels, Date created, and more. 

Search bar function presented in Flipsnack

Access different flipbook options

Either right-click on the desired flipbook or click on the three vertical dots to access the contextual menu. Here you can rename, download, copy, add labels, save the flipbook as a template, and much more. 

Rename flipbook option presented in Flipsnack

Create a bookshelf

You can easily create a virtual bookshelf by clicking the Create bookshelf button.


Change the view 

Click on the Workflow view button next to the bookshelf one to see all your flipbooks based on the labels you have applied to them. In the Workflow view, you also have the option to manage existing labels or create new ones.


Restore a flipbook

If you have deleted a flipbook, you have the option of restoring it by clicking the Trash button, in the left panel. On the Trash page, you can see a list of all your deleted flipbooks. Select the flipbooks you want to restore, right-click them, then click on Recover. You also have the option to delete the flipbooks forever. 

Important: All publications and folders from trash will be automatically deleted after 21 days.

Recover deleted flipbook from trash in Flipsnack

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