1. Unlisted publications

This is a feature available only to premium users. It means that your flipbooks won’t be indexed by any search engines (Google, Bing etc.) and they won’t show on your profile.

Simply click on Change above the Publish now button and an overlay will appear. 

In that overlay, click on the first tab, select Unlisted from the drop-down menu, Save Changes then publish your flipbook.

It’s important for you to know that you have to make your publication “Unlisted” from the very beginning and you can do it right before publishing the flipbook. 

Important: You won’t be able to change your flipbook from “Public” to “Unlisted” after the flipbook is public. 

2. Published and draft publications

Once you finish editing your flipbook and you have selected your flipbook visibility, you can hit Publish now.

After you publish your flipbook, you can still edit it anytime you want and you have the option to publish again. Flipsnack offers an auto-save feature which means if you make changes to your flipbook and do not publish them you will not lose them, your flipbook will just change it's status to Draft. You can edit your flipbook at any time and publish it to apply the changes. 

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