Not everything needs a label, but they sure are helpful when it comes to keeping things simple. If you ever wondered what the labels above your cover mean, this article is for you.

You can identify the label of each flipbook, if you enter My Flipbooks and look at the top of the cover:


When you edit an already published flipbook and you exit without saving the new edits, the new version you made is saved as Draft. You readers won't see the changes you've made unless you decide so and publish your flipbook again. By publishing again, you will actually publish the updated version. 


The Published label means that your flipbook is visible to your readers. 

Not published

If you don't wish to publish the flipbook just yet, you can leave it unpublished by just exiting the editing intreface or by closing the tab. The label Not Published will appear only next to the flipbooks which have never been published before.


Neatly organized flipbooks on a shelf is always a great idea of sharing. This label lets you know which one of your publications is a shelf

For sale

This label lets you know that your publication is already set up for sale and can be bought by your readers.
For more information on selling your flipbooks with 0% Flipsnack fees, please read this article.

Pending review

This label lets you know that a Contributor member of the team has sent a flipbook to be reviewed and published by an admin of the team account.

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