White label the Flipsnack app with your custom domain

Discover how to enhance your branding with Flipsnack's upcoming feature, allowing you to white label the app using your custom domain.


We are thrilled to introduce an upcoming feature that will transform your Flipsnack experience: the ability to white label the Flipsnack app with your custom domain! This exciting new capability is designed for businesses that take branding seriously and want to provide a consistent, professional experience for their users.

What is white labeling?

White labeling means making a service appear as though it is being offered by your own brand. By white labeling the Flipsnack app, you can replace the Flipsnack branding with your own, making the platform a seamless extension of your business.

Key benefits:

  • Consistent user experience by providing your team with a unified and coherent user interface that aligns with your other digital assets.
  • Professionalism: a custom domain reinforces the professional image of your business, setting you apart from competitors.

Why it's great for teams and branding?

For businesses with multiple users or a focus on brand integrity, this feature is a game-changer. It allows you to:

  • Create a collaborative environment that resonates with your brand for all team members.
  • Leverage the Flipsnack app's powerful tools while maintaining a consistent brand experience.

Tailoring Flipsnack for your brand

The best part? You have the power to tailor the Flipsnack app to your brand's style and guidelines. It's not just about changing a domain; it's about owning your team’s experience from start to finish.

Get ready to make Flipsnack truly yours

This new feature complements existing branding options available on Flipsnack. In addition to white labeling the app with your custom domain, you can also utilize features such as using a custom domain with Flipsnack profiles and exploring various branding options for catalogs and profiles. These features collectively enable you to create a cohesive brand presence across all aspects of your Flipsnack usage.

We’re just getting started on this journey of empowering you to fully customize your Flipsnack experience to reflect your brand identity.

Stay tuned!

This feature is coming soon, and we’re super excited for you to experience it. If you want to help us by providing feedback or just want to stay in the loop for updates regarding this feature, fill the form below.