How to set up the Two-factor Authentication option

Learn how to strengthen the security of your account with the Two-factor Authentication.

Even if you’re not familiar with this term, the option is very easy to set up in Flipsnack. It adds an extra layer of security to your account, so that every time you sign into Flipsnack, you’ll have to enter a 6-digits number from an app.

Any Flipsnack user will be able to activate the Two-factor Authentication option in their Flipsnack account.

Step 1

Go to My account, then Account details. There, you’ll see Two-factor Authentication.

Activating the 2FA in Flipsnack


Important: The first time you activate it, it will require you to have an Authenticator app on your mobile.

Step 2

When you click on it, a pop-up will open, asking you to get the Authenticator app from the store. Set up the account and then use the app to scan the provided QR code.

QR code from the Authenticator app

Step 3

Once you set it up, every time you log into your Flipsnack account, you’ll be required to introduce the 6-digits number from the Authenticator app.

As an owner and administrator of an account with multiple teammates, you can make the 2FA verification mandatory for your teammates. Once you activate it, when they log in for the first time to their Flipsnack account, they will be required to set up the 2FA. They won’t be able to do any action in Flipsnack until they set it up.

Setting up the mandatory 2FA in your Flipsnack account

If at any point you wish to deactivate this option, you can easily do so in the Account details section of your workspace.

Disable the 2FA option from your Flipsnack account

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