In this tutorial, we’re going to show you how to integrate Flipsnack with Google Workspace SAML-based SSO.

If this solution doesn't require your needs, we have other SSO integrations, such as:

That being said, here are some of the many benefits of integrating Flipsnack with Google Workspace SAML-based SSO.

  • You can control who has access to Flipsnack through Google Workspace.

  • You can enable your users to be automatically signed in to Flipsnack (Single Sign-On) with their organization accounts.

  • You can manage your accounts in one central location.


To configure Google Workspace SAML integration with Flipsnack, you’ll first need:

  • A super administrator account in Google, so you can use the Google Admin console.

A Flipsnack subscription with the single sign-on option enabled (Enterprise or Organization).

How to set up a custom SAML app in Google Workspace

To set up SAML-based SSO with Flipsnack, follow these steps:

  1. On the Google Admin console home page, click on Web and mobile apps.

  2. Click on the Add app button and then on Add Custom SAML app.

  3. On the App details page, add Flipsnack in the App name field, then click on Continue. You can also update the app icon, but this is optional.

  4. The Google Identity Provider details page contains information you will later need in Flipsnack when setting up the SSO. Copy the SSO URL, Entity ID, and the Certificate. Once done, click on Continue.

  5. On the Service provider details page enter the ACS URL and Entity ID provided by Flipsnack. Also, make sure that the Signed response checkbox is checked. Once done, click on Continue.

    ACS URL:

    Entity IDF:

  6. On the Attribute mapping page, click on Finish.

  7. On the SAML custom app page, you can test the login, download the metadata, edit the details, delete the app, or set the user access.

How to configure the SAML in Flipsnack

  1. When in your Flipsnack account, click on Settings then Single Sign-On.

  2. Enable the SSO, and choose SAML as the protocol. Here is where you should use the information from the Google Identity Provider details page mentioned in Step 4. Copy and paste the info from SSO URL into the Login URL field, the Entity ID into the Identifier field, and the Certificate into the Certificate field. Once done, click on Save changes. This is what it should look like:

Turning on and off the SAML app

Once the setup is complete in Flipsnack, you can now turn the feature on or off. While on the Google Admin console home page, click on Web and mobile apps, then on the Flipsnack app. When in the app, go to User access, then choose between On for everyone or Off for everyone, and then click on Save.

If you need help with setting up the Google Workspace SAML SSO in Flipsnack, please contact our support team via live chat.

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