Embedding flipbooks in the Hubspot landing page builder

This is a short guide on how to embed your Flipsnack material using the Hubspot CMS for your landing pages.

While doing research for the Hubspot integration videos, I found something interesting in terms of how the iframe embed code work on the page builder. If you use the CMS Hub offered by the platform and Flipsnack, I thought you'd find it useful to know how to use them together.

Flipbook in action

Normally the CMS doesn’t have an iFrame embed titled block or a way to add your HTML code in the builder, so you might think that there is no way to post your catalogs or brochures on the landing page.

A workaround would be to use the Video block and its Embed code option. So by pasting your embed code, from Flipsnack, into the video block widget, you can embed the flipbook player into the page.

Embedding a flipbook in Hubspot

So when working with a CMS, that doesn't seem to have an iFrame option available, it might be a good idea to check the video widget and see if it allows you to add the embed code there.

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