JPEG download

Discover how to download your flipbook in JPEG format

If you are a premium subscriber, you can download your flipbook in JPEG format, whether it was made from scratch or by uploading a PDF file. 

To download your flipbook as a JPEG, go to the Main Dashboard, and click the Download button next to the desired flipbook.

Download button in Flipsnack

A pop-up will open, which will contain a Download JPEG option. Click on the Download button next to it.

Download options in Flipsnack

The flipbook will be downloaded page by page in an archived folder on your device.

Note: Since the JPEG download is a compressed version of the flipbook, it has a resolution of  794 x 1123 px. If you want to download your flipbook to a better quality, try to download it in PNG format as well, but if you want to download it at a higher resolution (4963 x 7019 px) you have to download it in PDF format.

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