Creating a Flipsnack account

Here for the first time? Learn how to sign up to Flipsnack and start exploring the platform.

If you want to use Flipsnack to create designs or publish flipbooks from PDFs, you need to register your account first. Signing up or creating an account is really easy.

Table of contents:

Sign up with Google

Sign up with Microsoft

Sign up with e-mail

Joining a team

While on the Flipsnack home page, click on the "Try for free" button, located in the upper right corner of the page. 

This button will lead you to the Sign-up page, where you will have two options to create an account: by Google registration or by setting an email address and a password. 

1. Google registration

The easiest way to create a new account in Flipsnack is by signing up using your Google account:

 Sign in with google in flipsnack

Once you have clicked on the Sign in with Google button, you will be invited to select the Google account you want to sign up with: 

Choose a Google account to sign in to Flipsnack 

Then, you will be led to the My Flipbooks page, where you will be invited to fill in a short form: 

Complete the form to finish the sign up process

Once completed, click on Get started, and that’s it! You’re ready to create your first digital publication with Flipsnack. 

Important: When you create your Flipsnack account, you have 14 days to explore the platform as a free user. 

2. Microsoft registration

If you have a Microsoft account, you can register with it. Simply click on the Sign up with Microsoft button to fill in your registration. A pop-up will appear where you’ll have to fill in your email address and password.


You will then be led to the My flipbooks page, as in the Google registration steps, where you’ll be invited to complete the short form:

When completed, click on Get started and you’re in.

3. Email registration

On the Sign-up page, fill in your email address and set a password for your Flipsnack account. 

Make sure you choose a strong password with upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers, symbols, and a minimum of 8 characters. 

Then, check the I agree to Flipsnack's Terms and Privacy Policy box, which is mandatory, and click on the Create Account button: 

Email registration in Flipsnack

Next, go to your email inbox and copy the confirmation code received from Flipsanck and paste it on the confirmation page. Then, click on Verify code:

Email confirmation in Flipsnack

Important: Hurry up confirming your account! The confirmation code will only be valid for 15 minutes. After the confirmation code expires, you must start creating your account again on the Sign-up page.

Once the code is confirmed, the last step will be to fill in the short form mentioned above, hit Get Started and begin exploring Flipsnack!

Note: If you’ve registered with Google or Facebook in the past and you want to switch to the regular Flipsnack login method with email and password, in the upper right corner, switch to Sign in page. Afterward, select Forgot password.

How to recover your password for your Flipsnack account

In the email input, enter the email corresponding to your Facebook or Google account, then click on Forgot password, and an email with instructions will be sent to you.

Enter your email address to recover-the password for your Flipsnack account

4. Joining a team

If you're using Flipsnack with a team within your company, you'll need an account owner who will sign up using one of the methods described above. All the other teammates will have to sign up through an invitation received via email.

Important: Please make sure you sign up within 24h, otherwise, the invitation expires and will have to be resent.

For companies that are using single sign-on (SSO), the sign-up process for teammates can be even easier and more secure. SSO users will not have to set up a password, they can simply log in into Flipsnack after they are added to the workspace by the admins.