Your Flipsnack profile is a public page that displays all the public flipbooks that have been published within your workspace. You can add a short description and your social media profiles here as well. All Flipsnack users have a profile created automatically for their workspace.

There's also the option to deactivate your public profile if you don't want to have this page active at all. This feature is only available with the Business or Enterprise plan.

Here's an example for a public profile. By default, your public profile has the Flipsnack logo on it, but you can customize it to a certain extent, removing all Flipsnack mentions, and adding your own logo, and your own footer links. Even the URL can be customized by setting up a custom domain/subdomain on your site. Here's another example, of the fully customized profile page.

How to access your Flipsnack profile

In order to access your profile, log into your account then in the lower left side go to your profile image, click it, then select My profile. This will take you to an external page where you can see how your public profile looks and what flipbooks appear on it.

How to edit/customize your public profile

Profile branding is available with the Enterprise plan, so the options presented below are not available for everyone.

Under the Branding tab you can make changes that are reflected on your profile in the following tabs:

  • Settings (for deactivating your public profile)

  • Personalization

If you decide that you want to change the name of the workspace all you have to do is write the new version in the Profile information box.

You can also: 

  • set a custom favicon;

  • personalize the color and logo of your profile's header menu;

  • upload a profile image (recommended size for profile image: 300x300px);

  • set/change the workspace name

  • add your website URL;

  • add a short description about you or your company;

  • add social media buttons: Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook;

  • change the social media thumbnail that will appear on social channels when someone shares your public profile on social media channels;

  • add custom links in the footer area.

Once you are happy with how your profile looks, simply select Save Changes to save your settings. You can see the changes you make to your profile on the right half of the page in real-time.

How to hide flipbooks from your public profile

Free users will have all their flipbooks shown on their profile, while premium users can choose not to display them.

This is how premium users can keep their flipbooks private:

  1. Go to My flipbooks, locate the desired flipbook and click on Share.

 2. Uncheck Show publication on my profile.

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