Learn about automation for your photo slideshow

Discover how to automate the photo slideshow process by connecting your data to Flipsnack.

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How to create the CSV for your photo slideshow

How to import your Photo slideshow CSV file


You can use automation to include multiple photo slideshows in your publication.

How to create the CSV for your photo slideshow

You can add all the information in a Google Spreadsheet or create your CSV file in Excel or a similar program. Alternatively, you can download and edit a sample file and fill it with the proper information.

As you can see in the image below, the only column headers you should include are the title and images since they’re the only information you can include in a photo slideshow interaction. Make sure to add each image in a different column. Your file can have up to 10 images/slideshows.

Warning: To include images in your content, you can first upload the image files to a web server, FTP, or hosting service that allows you to store and retrieve images. Then, you can copy the image's direct URL and paste it into the designated image column.

Creating a CSV with images in Google Spreadsheets

How to import your Photo slideshow CSV file

1. On the main dashboard, go to Automation, click on Import, and then on Import basic data set. Here, you can download a Flipsnack file sample. 

You can now either click on Upload file to import your CSV file or Sync Google Sheets to connect a Google spreadsheet.

Adding a data set presented in Flipsnack's app

2. After import, you can click the Mapping button to identify four types of information from the spreadsheet. https://www.loom.com/i/734807b6fd1249b9a2e336a8e03d52bd 


This step allows you to see a preview of the items from your list when designing your publication in the Design Studio.

Once done, click on Save changes

Easy configuration of product list in Flipsnack

3. While in the Design Studio, click on Interact and drag and drop a Slideshow overlay or a Slideshow element in your flipbook, depending on your needs.

Inserting a photo slideshow presented in Flipsnack

4. Click on the product tag and then click on the Connect with feed button. Here, you can link all the images with the information in your CSV file, and change the image order in which they’ll appear in the slideshow.

The process of mapping out each image in Design Studio explained

Warning: The option for the second image will be available only after you select the first picture.

5. Drag and drop an entire batch of pictures from the Automation section over a specific slideshow. Their order will coincide with how you mapped them in the previous step.

GIF presenting how the slideshow automation works in Flipsnack

Warning: If you create your CSV files for photo slideshows in the same format, you can map only one, duplicate it, and then drag and drop the desired CSV file over the photo slideshows.

The photo slideshow interaction is available starting with the Professional plan, but the photo slideshow automation will only be available for our Enterprise users who have this feature enabled.

Please contact us via live chat if you have any questions or suggestions.