Do you have a lot of flipbooks that you need to filter through? Or perhaps you only remember a few details about a certain flipbook, and you just can’t locate it.

Using Advanced Filtering, you can set detailed parameters for flipbook search within the My Flipbooks section of your dashboard.

To start, simply click on the dashed triangle icon in the upper left corner, next to the search bar.

Advanced flipbook filtering options in Flipsnack app

This will open a prompt window to the right, where you will have 7 new filtering options.

Filter options for flipbooks available in Flipsnack app

Using the Advanced Filter option you can sort by the following:

Created by - This is the original creator of the flipbook.

Visibility - Sort by visibility options. Public, unlisted, password protected, and invited people only.

Status - Published, not published, and draft.

Labels - Sort by the labels that you attached to the flipbook.

Type - Single flipbook or a bookshelf.

Date created - Sort by the date that the flipbook was created.

Last updated - Sort by the date that the flipbook was last updated.

If you add more than one filter, the flipbook will have to meet all the criteria in order to show up in the search result. This way, you can be as specific as you need.

Add multiple filters for flipbook searching in Flipsnack app

Once you have selected your set of filters, click the blue Apply filters button at the bottom right of the prompted window. Or, if you so choose, clear all the filters entirely by clicking Clear all filters.

Apply flipbook filters in Flipsanck app

Filtering through these options will make it easier for larger teams to collaborate together, especially if there are many flipbooks being worked on at once.

Important note: If you choose to use the Advanced filter option, anything typed into the search bar at the top left will be negated. Similarly, if you decide to use the search bar, any advanced filter will be canceled out.

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