Product tags are hotspots applied to products that help you provide more information or promo content about your products and a quick way for customers to shop products directly from your catalog.

The process of adding product tags is generally easy, but when you’re creating a catalog with many product tags it becomes time consuming. This is where automation helps a lot. With the automation tool, you can upload the information at once, for all your product tags, and then the entire process is just a matter of drag and drop.

How to automate Product tags

First step you have to do is to create your catalog, either by designing it from scratch, uploading a PDF, or by using our automation tool.

Then, you need to set up the CSV file and make sure it contains all the information you want to display in your product tags. Product tags include fields such as product title, description, price, discount price, product URL and button label, fields you have to complete with your product information.

Please add these types of information as column headers in your CSV file. If you don’t want to display discounted price or other type of information in your product tags, you can simply omit them from the CSV file.

Next, go to My flipbooks -> Automation and import your CSV file.

You can see all your products from your product feed or CSV file in the Automation section in the Design Studio.

Now it's time to show you how to automate product tags.

You can find product tags in the Interact section. With drag and drop you can add one product tag directly to your catalog.

On the right side of your Design Studio you will see the Connect with feed button. From here you can connect the product tag attributes with the information from your CSV file in order to make the connection between them.

When you are ready click Save changes and go to the Automation section and drag and drop the product into the product tag icon. Now please duplicate the product tag with Ctrl+D or Cmd+D, and move it over a different product, where you want another product tag. Make sure you drag and drop the corresponding product. Repeat this action again and again for each product.

If you want to see a specific product tag information just click on the icon and on the top left you will be able to see it. You can edit the information from here.

Important: You can add maximum of 3 images per product tag and change the sort order.

Customize the product tag icon

  • Change the icon color by choosing one from our default palette or using a HEX code.

  • Adjust the transparency for 0 to 100.

  • Lock the icon everywhere you want on the page.

  • Arrange the icon forward or back on the page.

  • Copy the icon.

  • Duplicate the icon.

  • Delete the icon.

The automation is still in beta, so we have to enable it for your account. When it is fully released, it will be available with the Enterprise subscription.

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