What is Tidy up?

We all know how important it is to have everything organized and well-placed in a publication, so here is where our Tidy up feature can help you.

Created especially for our users to help them organize elements more easily and rapidly. When you use Tidy up, your elements will be arranged on the same line and at the same distance from each other for a much well-designed publication. You can tidy up from text boxes to photos, videos, GIFs, shapes or other design elements.

How does Tidy up work?

Once you select the elements you want to arrange, you can use the Tidy up function.

Important: You need to select at least 3 elements for the function to work.

This will redistribute objects so that they are equidistant from each other and on the same line. Now your elements are all arranged and you can continue with your publication.

Important: You can move your tidied up elements anywhere you want on the page.

You can also use Tidy up, after you select your elements, by clicking on the Arrange button in the top right side of the screen or by right-clicking on them and going to Align -> Tidy up.

Bedside the Tidy up function you can distribute your elements vertically and horizontally.

Also you can use guides and rulers to line up and position every element from your publication.

New updates are coming soon, updates which will help you to control the vertical and horizontal gap between the elements.

Start designing like a pro!

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