We know that your time is important and for that reason we designed a new page where you can see and manage all your flipbook options in one place, thus saving time.

Go to My flipbooks and click on the Details tab from a selected flipbook. Here you can find information such as flipbook preview, download options, sharing options, printing options, and analytics. Also from here you can show, hide or modify your flipbook publication date.

Flipbook preview is the first thing you see when you click on our Details tab. You get the chance to flip through all the pages of your flipbook and double-check them.

Under the flipbook preview, you have the options to see the flipbook Live, to Edit, Embed, Sell or Edit link name. You can customize the Meta title and Meta description from the SEO tab.

In the Sharing section, you can share your flipbook via social media channels, via email, or in fullscreen mode.

If you have a flipbook that is published as Share with specific people only you can import a file CSV file from the Details section with the email addresses of the people that you want to invite, or you can simply add the email of the person you wish to share the flipbook with.

The Share with specific people only feature is available for our Business and Enterprise members and it allows you to share your flipbooks with only a few selected people, and no one else will have access to view them. They will need to be logged in with the email address you shared the publication with in order to view it.
In the Download section, you can download your flipbook as PDF, HTML5, GIF, PNG, JPEG, or MP4.

In the Analytics section, you can add Google Analytics tracking to all your flipbooks, to see visitors' data and traffic stats in Google Analytics.

From Order printed copies section, you can order printed copies of your flipbook from our print partner, Peecho.

Besides the Details tab, at My flipbooks, you have access to more of your flipbooks options, such as:

  • Embed

  • Statistics

  • Send Email

  • Download GIF


Embedding a flipbook into your website has never been easier. From this tab, you can easily obtain the HTML embed code that you need to do that.


View and analyze your flipbook statistics, for a selected date range, such as impressions, views, average time spent, downloads, likes, page-level statistics, engagements statists, devices, and sources, global view by top location, lead form statistics, and sell statistics.

Send email

Send your flipbook via email using our platform. The subject, title, and description of your message can be adjusted. In case that you want to embed the flipbook snippet into your email newsletter, we provide you with a code to do just that.

Download GIF

If you want to download your flipbooks as a GIF, you can do it more easily and quickly from the Download GIF tab. From where you can personalize your GIF: select desired pages, choose the size of the GIF, and its color background.

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