With Flipsnack you have the option of uploading your PDF file and then editing it in our Design Studio. Any links included in the PDF file you’ve uploaded should automatically be imported in Flipsnack as well.

If you have some links that aren’t clickable in Flipsnack, it's most likely because they were not hyperlinked in your PDF. If you want to learn how to do that properly, here’s an article that will teach you how to hyperlink a PDF in 4 easy steps.

Another reason why the links haven’t been imported could be because of the PDF flattening process.

Regardless of the reason, we’re giving you an easy solution to add links in your flipbook. Keep in mind, if you have to manually add a lot of hyperlinks, there’s a keyboard shortcut that you might find useful:

Draw link - Just press the key “L” on your keyboard. Easy to remember, because L is for links. Then simply select the area that you want hyperlinked, add a link, and hit Save.

Still, if the links are functional in your PDF file, but they no longer work after the upload, please contact our support team, to see if there are other possible solutions for the problem.

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