Why can't I change or reset my password?

Reset your Flipsnack password by clicking "Forgot password" on the Sign In page, then follow the email instructions. Contact support if issues arise.

If you're unable to change or reset your password, ensure you follow the correct process: Go to the Sign In page, click on "Forgot password" above the password field, enter the email associated with your Flipsnack account, and click "Recover password". A link will be sent to your email to set a new password. If you face any issues or do not receive the email, contacting Flipsnack's support via live chat is recommended for assistance.

For more details, visit: Password recovery

In some cases, your browser is translated into a different language, other than English. This prevents the app from recognizing the password since the reset password process only works in English. 

Please follow the steps below and try to reset your password again:

1. On your computer, open Chrome.
2. At the top right, click More Settings.
3. On the left, click Languages.
4. At the Preferred Languages section, make sure you add English, click on the three dots -> Display Google Chrome in English -> Click on the relaunch button.
5. At the Spell check section, make sure you turn off all the options.
6. At the Google Translate section, turn Use Google Translate off.