Flipsnack AI package

See how Flipsnack AI can help you streamline digital publications with in-platform translations and automated content descriptions for enhanced accessibility.

The AI package in Flipsnack has some pretty cool features to make publishing even better. Integrating AI features simplifies publishing and enhances the global accessibility of flipbooks. Details on pricing and availability will be announced shortly.

Note: Access to these features is currently limited and available only to select users for testing purposes. If you want to test these features yourself, fill out this form.

Now let’s take a look at the AI package's features together.

AI for accessibility

This feature enables the automatic generation of content summaries for each page of a flipbook. Whether the flipbook is created from scratch or from a PDF, it must have a minimum amount of text for the AI to be able to identify and summarize it. These summaries are designed to improve accessibility by aiding screen readers in conveying the publication's content to users who rely on these devices. 

Here’s how to access and use this feature:

  1. From the main dashboard, select the flipbook you want to make accessible and click on Customize.customize-button-in-flipsnack-dashboard
  2. On the left panel, click on Accessibility, and select Activate accessibility.activate-accessibility-option-in-customize-page
  3. To generate new content, click on Generate content, you will be prompted a message that you are about to generate content with AI and that the existing content will be overwritten and can’t be recovered. If you’re okay with that, click on Generate. generate-content-button-in-customize-page
  4. After generating content, always make sure that you check descriptions for accuracy. When you’re sure everything is correct, click on Save.edit-text-for-accessibility-feature
  5. To manage existing accessibility content, click on Manage content - this will allow you to check existing content and update it as needed.manage-content-button-in-customize-page

AI-powered translations

This feature allows users to translate the content in flipbooks created from scratch directly into multiple languages in the Design Studio, eliminating the need for external translation services. 

Note: This feature facilitates translations in an extensive range of languages, including but not limited to English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, extending to Arabic, Hindi, Bengali, and many others, totaling over 29 languages.

This feature helps create multi-lingual publications, saving time and resources for businesses aiming to reach a global audience. 

To translate a flipbook into a desired language, you need to make a copy of the flipbook you want to translate first. For example, if you have an English flipbook and you want to translate it into French, make a copy of the English flipbook. In this duplicate, you can use the translation feature to convert the text from English to French. Repeat this process for any other languages you want to translate your flipbook into.

Note: If you want to translate a flipbook into 3 languages, you will end up having 4 flipbooks - the original one and 3 translations

Here’s how to access and use this feature:

  1. Create the flipbook in your intended language.
  2. Make a copy of this flipbook and use this copy to translate the text into the desired language. duplicate-a-flipbook-in-flipsnack
  3. When editing the duplicate flipbook in the Design Studio, select the block of text you want to translate. Click on Translate in the top bar menu.translate-button-in-design-studio
  4. Select the language from the dropdown menu in the left-side menu.translate-to-dropdown-in-design-studio
  5. Click the Translate button, wait for the AI to translate your text, and you’re done.translated-text-in-design-studio

Note: If you make changes in the initial flipbook, regardless of what language it is on, the changes will NOT automatically happen in the translated version. It’s important to have the final version of the text before you translate it to other languages.

Additional AI package features

We have even more features planned to be available in the AI package:

  • Translate the entire flipbook: instead of just translating sections, you will be able to translate the whole flipbook with just a few clicks;
  • Generate and rephrase text: when creating flipbooks from scratch, you will be able to generate and rephrase content quickly;
  • Convert text into an image: you will be able to add a description inside the flipbook and have an image generated for you - this feature will be available soon!
  • Summarize images for accessibility: at the moment, our accessibility for AI can only summarize the text inside your flipbooks, but it will soon be able to summarize images as well.

If you have any questions, please contact us via chat.