How to edit the link name of a flipbook

Learn how to edit the link of a published flipbook.

Let’s say you’ve created a flipbook and that you didn’t properly edit its link name when you saved and shared it. No worries, in case you didn’t know, with Flipsnack, you can edit your flipbook’s link (URL slug) at a later time.

What is a URL slug?

A slug is the editable part of the URL (usually found at the end), and it has two main roles. It describes what the page is about and is also important for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes. Whenever you create a new flipbook, during the save and share process, you have the option of editing the title. The title will represent the way your document will appear on your Flipsnack profile unless you choose a different publishing option and the way search engines will index it.

The custom text in the input field is New flipbook, so if you publish it as it is, the link will be something like ""?. Notice that the link contains "new-flipbook"? and a randomly generated sequence of characters.

Benefits of a properly edited link

As mentioned, there are benefits when creating a well-thought-through link. It will make the link more readable, for starters, as the random sequence will no longer be included. It will offer information about the content, and it will make it easier for the search engines to find the link.

Describes what the flipbook is about

The URL should indicate what the flipbook is about. Let’s say that your flipbook is a travel guidebook. In this case, the best choice would be to include the term "travel-guide"? in it. Visitors will know just what to expect when opening the link. It is also proven that users are more willing to open a link containing a neatly designed name rather than a randomly generated one.

Relevant for search engines

Besides looking more stylish and containing useful information for the user, a properly edited link will also be more relevant for search engines. The page will show up in search results based on the relevant content, and it will increase the chances for it to show up higher in the search results. The higher it ranks, the higher the chances for users to click on it. Read more about SEO optimizing your flipbooks.

Using the previous example, editing the link to "travel-guide-book"? will increase the chances of your page showing up when someone searches for "travel guide templates"?, "how do I make a travel guide"? or other similar queries.

Tips to take into consideration

Two tips to keep in consideration when editing your links:

  • They should be to the point: use keywords relevant to the content: "vacation-destinations"? for a brochure containing possible places to go on vacation.

  • They should be short (between 3 and 200 characters): Use "kitchen-furniture-catalog"?, not "buy-cheap-and-affordable-furniture-to-use-in-your-kitchen"?.

Now that things are clearer about the importance of a well-designed link let's see how to do it more precisely.

Here's how to edit the link name in Flipsnack

  1. Go to My Flipbooks, choose a flipbook, and click on Details.

  2. On the new page, click on the Edit link name.

    editing the link name of a flipbook
  3. Update the input field with the desired link name, and click on Save.


What if you’ve already shared the original link?

You might be wondering if the original link updates automatically when you edit its name. The answer is no!

For this reason, it is advisable to properly edit your links before you share them. In case you made changes to a link you’ve already shared, the previous version will no longer work,  and the page will appear like this:

404 error

As you can see, it is easy to change a flipbook’s name if you need to do so. Before making the changes, make sure to take into consideration the tips I provided. For any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us through live chat. Good luck!