How to download flipbooks on your phone for offline use

Learn how to download flipbooks on your phone for offline use, step by step

Downloading flipbooks directly to your phone or tablet is a very useful option for you, and it gives you direct access to them. It’s an easy and fast solution when in need. Besides this, you can also download flipbooks for offline use. Once the flipbook has been downloaded, you don't need an internet connection to read it, so you can download them over Wi-Fi, and you won't have to worry about your data.

If you simply want to read a flipbook made by others, with the Flipsnack mobile app, you can do this too.

Download flipbooks for offline use 

First, you need to open the Flipsnack mobile app. If you don’t have one already, you can download it from here for iOS users and from here for Android users.

Download a flipbook

Log in with your Flipsnack account and go to Account -> My flipbooks, and here you can see all your flipbooks created in Flipsnack.


my flipbooks in flipsnack

If you want to download a flipbook, simply select the flipbook and click the Download button.

download a publication in flipsnack app

Now the downloaded flipbook will appear in Downloads. Here you can see all your downloaded flipbooks.

the downloaded publication on your phone

Remove a flipbook from Downloads

If you want to remove a flipbook from Downloads, simply select the flipbook and click the Remove button.

remove a publication from downloads


Important: If you want your readers to read and download your flipbook, you need to Enable PDF download from Customize.

Another great option is that you can read and download other users’ flipbooks. Go to Home, and from here, you can see all the available flipbooks you can read and download, organized by category, or you can go to Search and search for the flipbook you want.

The search option in Flipsnack mobile app

Important: You can also download Purchased flipbooks.

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